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13 You are well aware that the reason I stayed among you to preach the good news was because of the poor state of my health.[a] 14 And yet you were so kind to me and did not despise me in my weakness,[b] even though my physical condition put you through an ordeal while I was with you.

Actually, you received me and cared for me as though I were an angel from God, as you would have cared for Jesus, the Messiah himself! 15 Some of you were even willing, if it were possible, to pluck out your own eyes to replace mine! Where is that kindhearted and free spirit now?

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  1. Galatians 4:13 Paul’s ministry in Antioch began when he became sick and had to delay his missionary journey to other regions. He may have been afflicted with an illness that normally aroused disgust by reason of its repulsive nature. Many surmise that Paul contracted an ophthalmic disorder (an eye disease), which was prevalent in the region. The illness can cause one to have a repugnant appearance. Other scholars think he was simply very ill as a result of his treatment by his enemies on his first missionary journey. Still the Galatians did not reject him; instead they welcomed him with open arms, and his gospel message with open hearts.
  2. Galatians 4:14 The Aramaic word can also mean “sickness.”

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