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O ō foolish anoētos Galatians Galatēs! Who tis has bewitched baskainō you hymeis, before kata whose hos eyes ophthalmos Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos was publicly exhibited prographō as crucified stauroō? Only monon this houtos I want thelō to learn manthanō from apo you hymeis: Did you receive lambanō the ho Spirit pneuma by ek works ergon of the law nomos or ē by ek hearing akoē with faith pistis? Are you eimi so houtōs foolish anoētos? Having begun enarchomai by the Spirit pneuma, would you epiteleō now nyn attain your goal epiteleō by the flesh sarx? Have you suffered paschō so many things tosoutos for no purpose eikē?— if ei it really kai was for no purpose eikē. So oun does the ho one who gives epichorēgeō you hymeis the ho Spirit pneuma and kai works energeō miracles dynamis among en you hymeis do it by ek works ergon of the law nomos, or ē by ek hearing akoē with faith pistis?

Consider kathōs Abraham Abraam: “ He believed pisteuō · ho God theos, and kai it was reckoned logizomai to him autos as eis righteousness dikaiosynē.” Know ginōskō then ara that hoti it is those ho of ek faith pistis who houtos are eimi the sons hyios of Abraham Abraam. And de the ho Scripture graphē, foreseeing prooraō that hoti God theos would justify dikaioō the ho Gentiles ethnos by ek faith pistis, · ho preached proeuangelizomai the gospel beforehand to ho Abraham Abraam, saying hoti, “ In en you sy will all pas nations ethnos be blessed eneulogeō.” · ho So hōste then , those ho who ek believe pistis are blessed eulogeō along with syn Abraham Abraam, the ho believer pistos.

10 For gar all hosos who rely eimi on ek works ergon of the law nomos are eimi under hypo a curse katara; for gar it is written graphō, “ Cursed epikataratos is everyone pas who hos does not ou continue emmenō in all pas things ho written graphō in en the ho book biblion of the ho law nomos, to do poieō them autos.” 11 Now de it is clear dēlos that hoti no one oudeis is justified dikaioō before para God theos by en the law nomos, · ho because hoti “it is by ek faith pistis that the ho righteous dikaios person will live zaō.” 12 However de, the ho law nomos is eimi not ou of ek faith pistis; on the contrary alla, it teaches that “ the ho one who does poieō them autos will live zaō by en them autos.” 13 Christ Christos redeemed exagorazō us hēmeis from ek the ho curse katara of the ho law nomos by becoming ginomai a curse katara for hyper us hēmeis for hoti it is written graphō, “ Cursed epikataratos is everyone pas who ho is hung kremannymi on epi a tree xylon”— 14 in order that hina in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous the ho blessing eulogia of ho Abraham Abraam might come ginomai to eis the ho Gentiles ethnos, so that hina we might receive lambanō the ho promise epangelia of the ho Spirit pneuma through dia · ho faith pistis.

15 To speak legō in kata human terms anthrōpos, brothers adelphos: even though homōs a covenant diathēkē is one made by man anthrōpos, yet when it has been ratified kyroō, no one oudeis can set it aside atheteō or ē add epidiatassomai anything to it. 16 Now de the ho promises epangelia were made legō to ho Abraham Abraam and kai to ho his autos descendant sperma. Scripture does not ou say legō, “ and kai to ho descendants sperma,” referring hōs to epi many polys, but alla and kai to ho your sy descendant sperma,” referring hōs to epi one heis, who hos is eimi Christ Christos. 17 What I am saying legō is this houtos: · de the ho law nomos, which came ginomai four hundred tetrakosioi and kai thirty triakonta years etos later meta, does not ou annul akyroō a covenant diathēkē previously established prokyroō by hypo · ho God theos, so as eis to make katargeō the ho promise epangelia void . 18 For gar if ei the ho inheritance klēronomia is based on ek law nomos, it is no longer ouketi based on ek a promise epangelia; but de God theos gave charizomai it to ho Abraham Abraam through dia a promise epangelia. · ho

19 Why tis then oun was the ho law nomos given? It was added prostithēmi because of charin · ho transgressions parabasis, until achri hos the ho descendant sperma should come erchomai to whom hos the promise had been made epangellomai. It was established diatassō through dia angels angelos by en a mediator cheir mesitēs. 20 Now de a ho mediator mesitēs is eimi not ou for one heis party only, · ho but de God theos is eimi one heis.

21 Is the ho law nomos, therefore oun, opposed to kata the ho promises epangelia of ho God theos? Certainly not ! For gar if ei a law nomos had been given didōmi that ho could dynamai impart life zōiopoieō, then righteousness dikaiosynē would an indeed ontōs be eimi by ek the law nomos. · ho 22 But alla the ho Scripture graphē confined synkleiō · ho everything pas under hypo sin hamartia, so that hina what ho was promised epangelia through ek faith pistis in Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos might be given didōmi to those ho who believe pisteuō.

23 Now de before pro faith pistis came erchomai, · ho we were held in custody phroureō under hypo the law nomos, imprisoned synkleiō until eis the ho coming mellō faith pistis would be revealed apokalyptō. 24 Thus hōste the ho law nomos was ginomai our hēmeis disciplinarian paidagōgos until eis the time of Christ Christos, so that hina we might be declared righteous dikaioō by ek faith pistis. 25 But de now that faith pistis has come erchomai, · ho we are eimi no longer ouketi under hypo a guardian paidagōgos. 26 For gar you are eimi all pas sons hyios of God theos through dia · ho faith pistis in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous. 27 For gar as many hosos of you baptizō as were baptized baptizō into eis Christ Christos have clothed yourselves with endyō Christ Christos. 28 Now there is neither ou Jew Ioudaios nor oude Greek Hellēn, neither ou slave nor oude free eleutheros, neither ou male arsēn nor kai female thēlys; for gar you hymeis are eimi all pas one heis in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous. 29 And de if ei you hymeis belong to Christ Christos, then ara you are eimi descendants sperma of ho Abraham Abraam, heirs klēronomos according kata to the promise epangelia.

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