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When they all recognized this grace operating in my ministry, those who were recognized as influential pillars[a] in the church—Jacob, Peter, and John—extended to Barnabas and me the warmth of Christian fellowship[b] and honored my calling to minister to the gentiles, even as they were to go to the Jews. 10 They simply requested one thing of me: that I would remember the poor and needy, which was the burden I was already carrying in my heart.

Paul Confronts Peter

11 When Peter visited Antioch,[c] he caused the believers to stumble over his behavior, so I confronted him to his face.

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  1. 2:9 See Rev. 3:12.
  2. 2:9 Or “gave me the right hand of fellowship.”
  3. 2:11 Antioch was a large city in Syria with a significant Jewish population. It was in Antioch that believers were first called Christians and it was the first church to send out missionaries to the nations. See Acts 11:25–26; 13:1–3.

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