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18 But gar if ei I build up oikodomeō again palin those houtos things hos I once tore down katalyō, then I demonstrate synistēmi that I emautou am a lawbreaker parabatēs. 19 For gar through dia the law nomos I egō died apothnēskō to the law nomos so that hina I might live zaō for God theos. I have been crucified systauroō with Christ Christos; 20 and de I egō no longer ouketi live zaō, but de Christ Christos lives zaō in en me egō. And de the hos life I now nyn live zaō in en the flesh sarx, I live zaō by en faith pistis in ho the ho Son hyios of ho God theos, who ho loved agapaō me egō and kai gave paradidōmi himself heautou for hyper me egō.

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