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Genesis 35-36 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

Return to Bethel

35 God said to Jacob, “Get up! Go to Bethel and settle there. Build an altar there to the God who appeared to you when you fled from your brother Esau.”

So Jacob said to his family and all who were with him, “Get rid of the foreign gods that are among you. Purify yourselves and change your clothes. We must get up and go to Bethel. I will build an altar there to the God who answered me in my day of distress. He has been with me everywhere I have gone.”

Then they gave Jacob all their foreign gods and their earrings, and Jacob hid them under the oak near Shechem. When they set out, a terror from God came over the cities around them, and they did not pursue Jacob’s sons. So Jacob and all who were with him came to Luz (that is, Bethel) in the land of Canaan. Jacob built an altar there and called the place God of Bethel[a] because it was there that God had revealed Himself to him when he was fleeing from his brother.

Deborah, the one who had nursed and raised Rebekah,[b] died and was buried under the oak south of Bethel. So Jacob named it Oak of Weeping.[c]

God appeared to Jacob again after he returned from Paddan-aram, and He blessed him. 10 God said to him:

Your name is Jacob;
you will no longer be named Jacob,
but your name will be Israel.

So He named him Israel. 11 God also said to him:

I am God Almighty.
Be fruitful and multiply.
A nation, indeed an assembly of nations,
will come from you,
and kings will descend from you.[d]
12 I will give to you the land
that I gave to Abraham and Isaac.
And I will give the land
to your future descendants.

13 Then God withdrew[e] from him at the place where He had spoken to him.

14 Jacob set up a marker at the place where He had spoken to him—a stone marker. He poured a drink offering on it and anointed it with oil. 15 Jacob named the place where God had spoken with him Bethel.

Rachel’s Death

16 They set out from Bethel. When they were still some distance from Ephrath, Rachel began to give birth, and her labor was difficult. 17 During her difficult labor, the midwife said to her, “Don’t be afraid, for you have another son.” 18 With her last breath—for she was dying—she named him Ben-oni,[f] but his father called him Benjamin.[g] 19 So Rachel died and was buried on the way to Ephrath (that is, Bethlehem). 20 Jacob set up a marker on her grave; it is the marker at Rachel’s grave to this day.

Israel’s Sons

21 Israel set out again and pitched his tent beyond the Tower of Eder.[h] 22 While Israel was living in that region, Reuben went in and slept with his father’s concubine Bilhah, and Israel heard about it.

Jacob had 12 sons:

23 Leah’s sons were Reuben (Jacob’s firstborn),
Simeon, Levi, Judah,
Issachar, and Zebulun.
24 Rachel’s sons were
Joseph and Benjamin.
25 The sons of Rachel’s slave Bilhah
were Dan and Naphtali.
26 The sons of Leah’s slave Zilpah
were Gad and Asher.

These are the sons of Jacob, who were born to him in Paddan-aram.

Isaac’s Death

27 Jacob came to his father Isaac at Mamre in Kiriath-arba (that is, Hebron), where Abraham and Isaac had stayed. 28 Isaac lived 180 years. 29 He took his last breath and died, and was gathered to his people, old and full of days. His sons Esau and Jacob buried him.

Esau’s Family

36 These are the family records of Esau (that is, Edom). Esau took his wives from the Canaanite women: Adah daughter of Elon the Hittite, Oholibamah daughter of Anah and granddaughter[i] of Zibeon the Hivite, and Basemath daughter of Ishmael and sister of Nebaioth. Adah bore Eliphaz to Esau, Basemath bore Reuel, and Oholibamah bore Jeush, Jalam, and Korah. These were Esau’s sons, who were born to him in the land of Canaan.

Esau took his wives, sons, daughters, and all the people of his household, as well as his herds, all his livestock, and all the property he had acquired in Canaan; he went to a land away from his brother Jacob. For their possessions were too many for them to live together, and because of their herds, the land where they stayed could not support them. So Esau (that is, Edom) lived in the mountains of Seir.

These are the family records of Esau, father of the Edomites in the mountains of Seir.

10 These are the names of Esau’s sons:
Eliphaz son of Esau’s wife Adah,
and Reuel son of Esau’s wife Basemath.
11 The sons of Eliphaz were
Teman, Omar, Zepho, Gatam, and Kenaz.
12 Timna, a concubine of Esau’s son Eliphaz,
bore Amalek to Eliphaz.
These were the sons of Esau’s wife Adah.

13 These are Reuel’s sons:
Nahath, Zerah, Shammah, and Mizzah.
These were the sons of Esau’s wife Basemath.

14 These are the sons of Esau’s wife Oholibamah
daughter of Anah and granddaughter[j] of Zibeon:
She bore Jeush, Jalam, and Korah to Edom.

15 These are the chiefs of Esau’s sons:
the sons of Eliphaz, Esau’s firstborn:
Chiefs Teman, Omar, Zepho, Kenaz,
16 Korah,[k] Gatam, and Amalek.
These are the chiefs of Eliphaz
in the land of Edom.
These are the sons of Adah.

17 These are the sons of Reuel, Esau’s son:
Chiefs Nahath, Zerah, Shammah, and Mizzah.
These are the chiefs of Reuel
in the land of Edom.
These are the sons of Esau’s wife Basemath.

18 These are the sons of Esau’s wife Oholibamah:
Chiefs Jeush, Jalam, and Korah.
These are the chiefs of Esau’s wife Oholibamah
daughter of Anah.
19 These are the sons of Esau (that is, Edom),
and these are their chiefs.

Seir’s Family

20 These are the sons of Seir the Horite,
the inhabitants of the land:
Lotan, Shobal, Zibeon, Anah,
21 Dishon, Ezer, and Dishan.
These are the chiefs of the Horites,
the sons of Seir, in the land of Edom.
22 The sons of Lotan were Hori and Heman.
Timna was Lotan’s sister.
23 These are Shobal’s sons:
Alvan, Manahath, Ebal, Shepho, and Onam.
24 These are Zibeon’s sons: Aiah and Anah.
This was the Anah who found the hot springs[l] in the wilderness
while he was pasturing the donkeys of his father Zibeon.
25 These are the children of Anah:
Dishon and Oholibamah daughter of Anah.
26 These are Dishon’s sons:
Hemdan, Eshban, Ithran, and Cheran.
27 These are Ezer’s sons:
Bilhan, Zaavan, and Akan.
28 These are Dishan’s sons: Uz and Aran.

29 These are the chiefs of the Horites:
Chiefs Lotan, Shobal, Zibeon, Anah,
30 Dishon, Ezer, and Dishan.
These are the chiefs of the Horites,
according to their divisions, in the land of Seir.

Rulers of Edom

31 These are the kings who ruled in the land of Edom
before any king ruled over the Israelites:
32 Bela son of Beor ruled in Edom;
the name of his city was Dinhabah.
33 When Bela died, Jobab son of Zerah from Bozrah became king in his place.
34 When Jobab died, Husham from the land of the Temanites became king in his place.
35 When Husham died, Hadad son of Bedad became king in his place.
He defeated Midian in the field of Moab;
the name of his city was Avith.
36 When Hadad died, Samlah from Masrekah became king in his place.
37 When Samlah died, Shaul from Rehoboth on the Euphrates River became king in his place.
38 When Shaul died, Baal-hanan son of Achbor became king in his place.
39 When Baal-hanan son of Achbor died, Hadar[m] became king in his place.
His city was Pau, and his wife’s name was Mehetabel
daughter of Matred daughter of Me-zahab.

40 These are the names of Esau’s chiefs,
according to their families and their localities,
by their names:
Chiefs Timna, Alvah, Jetheth,
41 Oholibamah, Elah, Pinon,
42 Kenaz, Teman, Mibzar,
43 Magdiel, and Iram.
These are Edom’s chiefs,
according to their settlements in the land they possessed.
Esau[n] was father of the Edomites.


  1. Genesis 35:7 Or El-bethel
  2. Genesis 35:8 Lit Deborah, Rebekah’s wet nurse; Gn 24:59
  3. Genesis 35:8 Or Allon-bacuth
  4. Genesis 35:11 Lit will come from your loins
  5. Genesis 35:13 Lit went up
  6. Genesis 35:18 = Son of My Sorrow
  7. Genesis 35:18 = Son of the Right Hand
  8. Genesis 35:21 Or beyond Migdal-eder
  9. Genesis 36:2 Sam, LXX read Anah son
  10. Genesis 36:14 Sam, LXX read Anah son
  11. Genesis 36:16 Sam omits Korah
  12. Genesis 36:24 Syr, Vg; Tg reads the mules; Hb obscure
  13. Genesis 36:39 Many Hb mss, Sam, Syr read Hadad
  14. Genesis 36:43 Lit He Esau

Matthew 12:1-21 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

Lord of the Sabbath

12 At that time Jesus passed through the grainfields on the Sabbath. His disciples were hungry and began to pick and eat some heads of grain. But when the Pharisees saw it, they said to Him, “Look, Your disciples are doing what is not lawful to do on the Sabbath!”

He said to them, “Haven’t you read what David did when he and those who were with him were hungry— how he entered the house of God, and they ate[a] the sacred bread, which is not lawful for him or for those with him to eat, but only for the priests? Or haven’t you read in the Law[b] that on Sabbath days the priests in the temple violate the Sabbath and are innocent? But I tell you that something greater than the temple is here! If you had known what this means: I desire mercy and not sacrifice,[c] you would not have condemned the innocent. For the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.”

The Man with the Paralyzed Hand

Moving on from there, He entered their synagogue. 10 There He saw a man who had a paralyzed hand. And in order to accuse Him they asked Him, “Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?”

11 But He said to them, “What man among you, if he had a sheep[d] that fell into a pit on the Sabbath, wouldn’t take hold of it and lift it out? 12 A man is worth far more than a sheep, so it is lawful to do what is good on the Sabbath.”

13 Then He told the man, “Stretch out your hand.” So he stretched it out, and it was restored, as good as the other. 14 But the Pharisees went out and plotted against Him, how they might destroy Him.

The Servant of the Lord

15 When Jesus became aware of this, He withdrew from there. Huge crowds[e] followed Him, and He healed them all. 16 He warned them not to make Him known, 17 so that what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled:

18 Here is My Servant whom I have chosen,
My beloved in whom My soul delights;
I will put My Spirit on Him,
and He will proclaim justice to the nations.
19 He will not argue or shout,
and no one will hear His voice in the streets.
20 He will not break a bruised reed,
and He will not put out a smoldering wick,
until He has led justice to victory.[f]
21 The nations will put their hope in His name.[g]


  1. Matthew 12:4 Other mss read he ate
  2. Matthew 12:5 = The Torah (the Pentateuch)
  3. Matthew 12:7 Hs 6:6
  4. Matthew 12:11 Or had one sheep
  5. Matthew 12:15 Other mss read Many
  6. Matthew 12:20 Or until He has successfully put forth justice
  7. Matthew 12:21 Is 42:1-4

Psalm 15 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

Psalm 15

A Description of the Godly

A Davidic psalm.

Lord, who can dwell in Your tent?
Who can live on Your holy mountain?

The one who lives honestly, practices righteousness,
and acknowledges the truth in his heart
who does not slander with his tongue,
who does not harm his friend
or discredit his neighbor,
who despises the one rejected by the Lord[a]
but honors those who fear the Lord,
who keeps his word whatever the cost,
who does not lend his money at interest
or take a bribe against the innocent
the one who does these things will never be moved.


  1. Psalm 15:4 Lit in his eyes the rejected is despised

Proverbs 3:21-26 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

21 Maintain your competence and discretion.
My son, don’t lose sight of them.
22 They will be life for you[a][b]
and adornment[c] for your neck.
23 Then you will go safely on your way;
your foot will not stumble.
24 When you lie[d] down, you will not be afraid;
you will lie down, and your sleep will be pleasant.
25 Don’t fear sudden danger
or the ruin of the wicked when it comes,
26 for the Lord will be your confidence[e]
and will keep your foot from a snare.


  1. Proverbs 3:22 Or be your throat
  2. Proverbs 3:22 In Hb, nephesh can mean throat, soul, or life.
  3. Proverbs 3:22 Or grace
  4. Proverbs 3:24 LXX reads sit
  5. Proverbs 3:26 Or be at your side

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