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Fo Da Rome Peopo 2 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

God Da Judge Goin Tell Um Strait

So den, no matta who you, if you go poin finga somebody dat he doing bad kine stuffs, no foget you doing da same kine tings jalike him. Eh, you too no mo excuse, cuz you poin finga back yoa own self.

But we know dis: Everytime God tell dat da peopo wen do bad kine stuff, we know wat he say stay true.

So, wat you figga? Wen you poin finga da odda guys cuz dey doing bad kine stuffs, an you doing da same ting, you tink God goin let you go?

God get plenny good heart fo you, an he stay hanging in dea an waiting fo you. An den, you make like dass notting? You no undastan dat he like you come sorry an pau do all da bad kine stuff you guys doing?

But you get hard head, an you no like change how you stay doing. So, you stay making tings mo worse fo yoaself. Bumbye God da Judge goin tell who wen do da bad kine stuff, an everybody goin know dat wat God say stay true. Den he goin punish you, cuz he no goin take wat you wen do. How you make, same ting, God goin give you back.

God goin give some peopo da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva, cuz everytime dey hang in dea an do da right ting. Dey like get plenny respeck from God, an get da real kine life. But da odda peopos, God no goin take wat dey do. He goin had it wit dem awready, cuz dey like make big kine trouble. Dey no like do da true stuff, but dey everytime like do wass wrong.

Everybody dat stay doing da bad kine stuff goin get hard time how dey living, an dey goin suffa plenny presha. First goin be da Jewish peopo. Den goin be da odda peopos dat not Jews. 10 But everybody dat stay doing da good kine stuff, God goin give dem plenny respeck, an dea hearts goin rest inside. First goin be da Jewish peopo. Den da odda peopos dat not Jews. 11 God make um everybody da same ting. 12 Everybody dat do bad kine stuff, an dey neva know dat God wen make Rules fo everybody, dey goin get cut off from God, no matta dey donno dat Godʼs Rules stay. An everybody dat do da bad kine stuff, an dey know Godʼs Rules stay, God goin use da Rules fo judge dem. 13 Fo get um right wit God, no nuff fo ony hear Godʼs Rules. Gotta do jalike Godʼs Rules say, fo get um right wit him.

14 Da peopo dat not Jews, dey donno dat Godʼs Rules stay. But if get peopo dat by demself do jalike Godʼs Rules say, but dey donno dat da Rules stay, den dey stay ack jalike dey get um. 15 How dey ack, dass jalike dey get Godʼs Rules right dea inside dea heart. Dea heart tell dem bout wat dey doing. Wen dey go tink wat stay right an wat stay wrong, den dey figga. 16 Dass how goin be bumbye wen God goin make Jesus Christ da Judge fo da secret stuff inside everybodyʼs heart. Dass wat da Good Kine Stuff From God say, jalike I stay teaching.

Da Jewish Peopo An Godʼs Rules

17 Now you dea, you like peopo fo know you one Jewish guy. You trus Godʼs Rules. You talk big bout God. 18 You know wat God like you fo do. You know wass da bestes kine stuff, cuz da teachas wen teach you from Godʼs Rules. 19 You stay shua you can tell da peopo dat no can see wea fo go. You tink you jalike one light fo all da peopo dat stay inside da dark. 20 You can teach da peopo who donno notting an da ones dat still yet need one teacha. Cuz you get Godʼs Rules, you tink you get all da trut an you know everyting.

21 So, you go teach da odda peopo. You teach yoaself too, o wat? You go preach dey betta not rip off nobody. You rip off too, o wat? 22 You say, “No go fool aroun behind yoa husban o wifeʼs back.” You go fool aroun too, o wat? You tink da idol kine gods no good. You take stuff from dea temples, o wat? 23 You talk big bout Godʼs Rules. You making God shame cuz you broke um, o wat? 24 Jalike da Bible wen say befo time, “Da peopos dat not Jews try run down Godʼs name cuz a you guys.”

25 If you do wat Godʼs Rules say, az good you get da cut skin mark dat show you one Jewish guy. But if you go broke Godʼs Rules, az jalike you no mo da mark awready, an you not one Jewish guy fo real kine. 26 So den, if get one guy dat not one Jew, an he do all da good kine stuff Godʼs Rules say, den no matta he neva cut skin, he Godʼs guy. Dass jalike he get da mark too. 27 So den, da peopo dat not Jews, if dey do wat Godʼs Rules say, dey goin show dat you Jewish peopo wen broke Godʼs Rules. No matta dey no mo da cut skin mark, an you guys get da Rules inside da Bible from befo time, an da cut skin mark too.

28 No matta somebody who come from Abraham get da cut skin mark on top his body, dat no make him one Jewish guy fo real kine. 29 Da Jewish guy who fo real stay same ting lidat inside. Godʼs Spirit stay in charge da guy, an dass jalike one spesho mark inside his heart. Da Rules inside one book, dass not wat make him Godʼs kid. Az not da peopo dat goin talk good bout him, goin be God dat goin do um.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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