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Fo Da Hebrew Peopo 9 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Godʼs Big Tent Inside Dis World An Godʼs Place Dass Fo Real Inside Da Sky

So wat I telling you guys? Wen God wen make da first deal wit da Jewish peopo, he wen give dem da Rules how fo pray an show him love an respeck. An had one spesho place on top da earth wea dey suppose to do all dat. Dat place was one big tent, an inside da first room da priest guys put da stand fo da lamps, an da table wit da Spesho Breads fo God on top. Dey call dat room “Da Spesho Place fo God.” Den had one big thick curtain inside, an da odda side dat curtain had one nodda room. Dey call dat room “Da Real, Real Spesho Place Fo God.” An had one altar dea wit gold all ova fo burn incense. An had da Box Fo Help Da Peopo Rememba Da Deal Dey Get Wit God. Had gold all ova. Inside da Box had one gold pot wit da manna kine food inside. An had Aaronʼs walking stick dat one time wen grow leaf on top. Plus, had da flat kine stones wea God wen write down da first deal he wen make. On top da Box, had two statue dat look jalike angel kine guys wit dea wings spread ova da Box. Dey stay dea fo show how awesome God stay. An dey stay ova da spesho place wea God hemo da shame fo da bad kine stuff da peopo wen do. But we no can talk some mo bout all dat kine stuff right now, you know.

Afta dey wen put everyting inside da big tent lidat, da priest guys wen go all da time inside da first room, fo do da tings dey suppose to do dea, cuz dass dea job. But ony da head priest guy can go inside da Real, Real Spesho Room, an he can do dat ony one time every year. Wen he go inside dea, everytime he gotta take blood from one animal dey wen kill fo sacrifice. He give da blood from da sacrifice to God -- fo himself first, an den fo da bad kine stuff da peopo wen do, wen dey donno dey doing bad kine stuff.

Godʼs Spesho Spirit wen give us all dose tings fo show dat all da time da first tent stay, no way we can go inside da place wea God stay fo real kine. All dat stuff jalike one picha fo teach us guys nowdays. Dat stuff show dat da gifs an animal sacrifices da priest guys give God fo da peopo, all dat kine stuff no mo power fo throw out da shame dat da peopo get inside, da peopo dat like pray to God. 10 Dat stuff dey doing, dass ony bout how da peopo can o no can eat an drink stuffs, an all da kine ways dey suppose to wash diffren kine tings. But you know, dass ony rules bout da outside kine stuff dey suppose to do till God make everyting come new.

Christ Wen Go Bleed An Mahke Fo Us

11 But Christ wen come awready, fo be da Head Priest. He da One dat make good kine stuff come to us guys awready. Jalike da priest guys befo time wen do dea work fo God inside one spesho tent, Christ do his work fo God inside one spesho place dass mo importan an mo betta den da odda one. Dat mo betta place, da peopo neva make um, an dat place no come from dis world. 12 Wen Christ wen go inside da Spesho Place fo God, he wen go inside one time ony. He get da right fo go inside dea, cuz was his own blood he wen bring in front God. He neva need da blood from da goats an cows dat dey wen sacrifice, fo go inside. An dass how he wen cut us guys loose foeva from da power dat da bad kine stuff get ova us. 13 Befo time, da head priest guy wen take da blood from da goats an da cows, an da ash from one burn up young cow, an wen sprinkle um on top da peopo dat stay pilau an no can pray wit da odda peopo. Den dose peopo wen come spesho fo God, jalike dey clean so dey can pray wit da odda peopo.

14 Kay den, Godʼs Spesho Spirit dat stay foeva wen help Christ go bleed an mahke fo us. Christ wen give himself to God fo mahke, jalike one priest give God one perfeck animal fo sacrifice dat no mo notting wrong wit um. So den, da kine sacrifice Christ wen make, get plenny mo power fo throw out da shame dat we get inside, so we no goin stay doing da bad kine stuff dat cut us off from God. An den we goin work fo God, da One dat stay alive fo real kine.

15 Dass wat Christ wen do. An dass why Christ stay da middle man fo da new deal God make wit da peopo. So now, da peopo God wen tell fo come be his guys, dey goin get everyting dat he wen promise fo give his kids foeva. Dass cuz Christ wen go mahke fo cut dem loose from da power dat da bad kine stuff get ova dem, all da time dey was unda da first deal.

16 You know, wen get one will, dass one kine deal. Gotta show proof dat da guy dat wen make da will wen mahke fo real kine. 17 If da guy dat wen make da will stay alive still yet, dat will stay worth notting. Ony worth plenny afta da guy mahke. 18 Same ting, az why da first deal God wen make befo time, dat deal wen need blood from one animal sacrifice fo make da deal good. 19 Dat time, Moses wen tell all da peopo everyting dat God wen tell dem dey gotta do. Den he make sacrifice from cows an goats, an take da blood wit water, an dark red wool string fo tie togedda oregano branches, an wen sprinkle da blood on top da Book dat tell wat God wen say, an on top all da peopo dea. 20 Moses tell da peopo, “Dis da blood from da sacrifice, fo make solid da new deal dat God making wit you guys now. Dat mean, dat you guys gotta do wat he tell you.” 21 An den same ting, Moses wen sprinkle da blood on top da big tent, an on top everyting da priest guys use fo make sacrifice to God. 22 Dis wat Godʼs Rules tell: Need blood from da sacrifices fo almos everyting, fo make um come clean fo God. If no mo notting dat bleed an mahke, den God no goin let nobody go o hemo dea shame fo all da bad kine stuff dey wen do.

Godʼs Spesho Guy Come One Sacrifice

23 So den, all da tings I stay telling you guys, dey ony was copies a da real tings up da wit God inside da sky. Fo make dose tings come clean fo use, gotta make dose kine sacrifices. But da tings up dea inside da sky dat stay fo real, dey even need mo betta sacrifices still yet. 24 You know, had one place dass spesho fo God dat da peopo wen make, dat was ony one copy a da real ting. But Christ neva go inside dat place dat da peopo wen make. He wen go wea God stay fo real kine inside da sky, an now he stay wea God stay, fo help us guys. 25 An Christ neva make himself one sacrifice ova an ova. But da Jewish head priest guy, every year he gotta go inside da Real, Real Spesho Place, an take blood dass not his own. 26 But you know, if Christ had fo do um ova an ova, den he gotta suffa ova an ova, from da time God wen make da world. But no was lidat. Now, end a da world time, he wen come ony dat one time, fo make himself da sacrifice, an throw out all da bad kine stuff foeva.

27 Garans everybody gotta mahke ony one time, an afta dat, dey gotta go in front God da Judge. 28 So Christ wen come one sacrifice ony one time, fo throw out da bad kine stuff plenny peopo wen do. An he goin come back hea one mo time, not fo throw out da bad kine stuff, cuz he wen do dat awready, but he goin come back fo hemo da peopo dat stay waiting fo him, from da bad kine stuff.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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