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Fo Da Hebrew Peopo 7 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Melkizedek Kine Priest

Was dat time, dis Melkizedek guy was king fo Salem town, an he was priest fo da Mos Importan God. Now, “Melkizedek,” dat mean, “Da King Who Everytime Do da Right Ting,” an he da King fo Salem, dat mean, “Da King Who Help da Peopo Stay Good Wit Each Odda.” Nobody know who his fadda guys o his mudda guys, o who his ancesta guys. Nobody know wen he wen born o wen he wen mahke. Dat mean he jalike one picha a Godʼs Boy, cuz he stay one priest guy, jalike Jesus stay one priest guy foeva.

One time, had some kings an dea army guys dat wen go rip off plenny stuff from da peopo dat live near Abraham. Abraham dem wen go fight an win ova dose kings an dea army guys. Dey wen take back all da stuffs. Den wen Abraham was coming back, Melkizedek wen go out from Salem Town fo meet him. An dass wen Melkizedek wen tell Abraham, “Eh! God goin do plenny good kine tings fo you.” An Abraham, he wen give Melkizedek ten percent a all da stuffs he wen take back, cuz Melkizedek one priest guy.

Tink bout dis: Melkizedek was one real importan guy. He was so importan dat our ancesta guy, Abraham, even wen give him da bestes ten percent from all da stuffs he wen take back wen he wen fight da kings. Now, all da Jewish priest guys, dey come from Levi, Abrahamʼs great-grankid. Godʼs Rules say dat dose priest guys get right fo take ten percent from all da stuffs all da odda Jewish peopo get -- dass from dea own Jewish bruddas an sistas, cuz dey all come from Abraham.

But Melkizedek, he one priest, no matta he neva have Levi fo his ancesta guy. But still yet, Melkizedek wen get ten percent from all da stuffs Abraham wen bring back. Now Abraham, he da guy dat God wen make promises to, but still yet, Melkizedek wen tell him, “God goin do plenny good kine stuffs fo you.” Now, wen get somebody talk lidat, everybody know he gotta be da mo importan guy dass telling dat kine ting to da guy dass not so importan. Da regula kine priest guys take da ten percent. Dose guys, dey goin mahke bumbye. But Melkizedek, he wen take da ten percent, an da Bible neva tell dat he wen mahke. You can figga lidis: all da Jewish priest guys get da guy Levi fo dea ancesta guy, an dey take da ten percent from da peopo. But da time Melkizedek wen meet Abraham an Abraham wen pay da ten percent to Melkizedek, dass almos jalike Abraham wen pay um fo all da Levi peopo an all da Levi priest guys dat neva born yet, same time, cuz Abraham da ancesta fo all dem.

11 Now, da priest guys, dey all wen come from Levi, an Aaron was dea first Head Priest. Da peopo need priest guys fo help da peopo fo do wat da Rules say. But da peopo no can come perfeck jus cuz dey get da Levi kine priest guys. Dass how come dey need one diffren kine priest guy. Dey need da Melkizedek kine, not da Aaron kine 12 An you know, wen dey change da kine priest dey get fo one nodda kine priest, same time dey gotta change da Rules.

13 Now Jesus, he da guy we talking bout. He neva come from da Levi ohana, you know. He come from da Judah ohana, an da Rules neva say dat da guys from dat ohana get da right fo make sacrifice on top da altar. 14 Our Boss Jesus, everybody know dat he come from da Judah ohana. But wen Moses talk bout da guys from da Judah ohana, he neva say notting bout prieses.

Anodda Priest, Da Melkizedek Kine

15 But da whole ting stay come even mo clear now: Get one nodda kine priest guy wen come. Him, he da Melkizedek kine priest, not da Aaron kine priest. (I talking bout Jesus, you know.) 16 Now da Rules say dat da priest guys gotta come from da Aaron ohana, an Jesus no come from dat ohana. Jesus, he stay one priest guy cuz he get da power fo live to da max foeva, an no mo notting can wipe him out. 17 Da Bible wen say dis bout him befo time:

“You goin stay one priest foeva,
    Jalike Melkizedek.”

18 Dat mean, da Rules from befo time no mo power fo help da peopo. Dass why God wen throw out da old rules. 19 An you know, da Rules neva make nobody come perfeck. Now, God give us someting mo betta. So den, now we stay shua we goin trus him. An cuz a dat we stay tight wit him.

20 Wen da guys from Aaronʼs ohana wen come prieses befo time, God neva make promise notting. But wen God wen give us one mo betta ting, he wen make one strong promise. 21 Was wen Jesus wen come priest, dat God wen make dat strong promise. God wen tell him,

“I da Boss.
    I make dis promise,
An I no goin change my mind.
‘You one priest guy foeva.’ ”

22 An cuz God wen make one strong promise to Jesus lidat, garans Jesus da One dat goin make shua us guys goin get one mo betta deal.

23 Befo time had plenny guys dat wen come priest. Dass cuz dey no can stay priest long time. Dey wen all mahke, dass why. 24 But Jesus, he da One dat stay live foeva, an he da kine priest dat stay foeva. Dass why no need one nodda priest guy. 25 Jesus, he no mahke. Everytime he stay dea fo aks God fo help fo da peopo dat come to God cuz a him. An dass how he get da power fo hemo dem good from all da bad tings dey stay in.

26 Jesus, da right kine Head Priest guy fo us: He stay good an spesho fo God. Nobody can poin finga him notting. He stay clean inside. He stay diffren den all da peopo dat stay do da bad kine stuff. An God wen make him mo importan den everyting inside da world o inside da sky. 27 Dass why Jesus, he not jalike da odda head priest guys. He no need make sacrifice every day jalike dem. Dose guys, first dey gotta make sacrifice fo all da bad tings dey wen do, an den dey make sacrifice fo all da odda peopo. But Jesus, he wen make sacrifice fo da peopo one time ony, wen he wen make himself da sacrifice.

28 Now da Rules say fo make guys come da head priest. An you know, dey come head priest, no matta dey not strong inside. But awready had da Rules wen God wen make one strong promise fo make his Boy come da Head Priest. Az his Boy, da One dass perfeck foeva.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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