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Fo Da Hebrew Peopo 6 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

So den, nuff awready fo teach da first kine stuff bout Christ. Now we gotta talk bout how fo come solid an grown up inside. No need teach ova an ova da beginnas kine stuff bout how we gotta come sorry fo all da bad kine stuff we wen do dat goin cut us off from God, an no do um no moa. No need teach ova an ova dat everybody gotta trus God. No need stay teach everytime bout all kine baptisms, no need teach everytime bout putting da hands on top peopo fo show you like God do plenny good tings fo dem, no need teach everytime bout how da mahke peopo goin come back alive, no need teach everytime bout how everybody gotta stand in front God da Judge, an get wat he say, foeva. So now, we goin leave all da beginnas kine stuff behind, if God let us do um. Den we goin talk bout how fo come solid an grown up inside.

Get peopo dat one time wen see Godʼs light an trut from up dea inside da sky. Dey wen start fo take in da good kine stuff God wen give um, an dey wen get Godʼs Spesho Spirit. Dey wen find out how good da stuff God say. Dey wen feel da power from da time wen God stay in charge a everyting. But if dey turn away from Christ, den no way dey can come sorry one mo time fo da bad kine stuff dey do, an come back togedda wit Christ. Cuz den, dey demself, jalike dey wen kill Godʼs Boy on top da cross one mo time, an make him shame in front everybody again.

You know, wen da groun take in da water everytime get rain, an make da plants dat da farma guys grow fo da peopo, an da groun come good fo dem cuz a dat, den God goin make dat groun mo good. But if dat groun grow ony da kine bushes wit kukus an junk stuff, dat land no good! Bumbye God goin say, “Wipe um out an burn um!”

But, my good friends! We talk bout peopo dat go da wrong way, jalike dat land dat stay poho. But we stay shua dat mo betta tings goin happen to you guys, cuz God stay taking you guys outa da bad kine stuff. 10 God, he everytime do da right ting, so he no goin foget how plenny you guys wen work fo him, an how you guys wen show him love an aloha cuz you know who him. Cuz you guys wen kokua Godʼs spesho peopo, an still yet you guys stay kokua dem. 11 Same ting, now we like all you guys fo show dat you guys go all out jalike befo time. Den you guys goin hang in dea all da way, an know fo shua dat God goin do everyting he wen promise. 12 We no like you guys ack jalike you guys no like do notting. Mo betta you guys make jalike da peopo dat bumbye goin get all da stuffs God wen promise his kids, cuz dey trus God an stay hang in dea.

Wen God Make Promise, He Do Um

13 Tink bout Abraham. Befo time God wen make one promise to him. But no mo odda guy mo big den God. Dass why God neva make one strong promise by some odda guy. He wen make um by himself dat he was really goin do um. 14 Dis wat God wen promise: “Fo shua I goin do plenny good kine stuffs fo you, an I goin give you plenny ohana wit plenny peopo.” 15 So Abraham wen go hang in dea an wait long time, an den he wen get wat God wen promise.

16 Wen peopo make one strong promise, dey make um by somebody mo big den dem, so den everybody know dat dey goin do um. Dat show dey really mean um. An den wen dass all pau, da odda peopo no can make argue. 17 Cuz God like show his kids real clear dat da plan he wen make fo dem no goin change eva, he wen make dat strong promise by himself dat he goin do um himself. 18 Wen God wen do dat, he wen do two tings dat no goin change eva: he wen make one strong promise, an he wen do um himself. An God no bulai notting. He make dat promise cuz he like give us guys plenny good kine words. Dass fo us guys dat stay running to God from da bad kine stuff, so dat we can take da good kine stuff God wen promise he goin give us bumbye. We know he goin do dat, an we goin stay wait fo um. 19 Wen we trus God an we know he goin do good stuff fo us bumbye, dat make us stay strong an solid inside, jalike wen da boat anchor come stuck on da ocean bottom an den da boat no can move. Wen we trus God lidat, den we can come tight wit him, jalike wen da Jewish head priest go inside da Real, Real Spesho Place wea God stay inside. 20 Dass wea Jesus wen go befo us guys, da place wea God stay fo real kine, jalike da head priest guy go inside da Real, Real Spesho Place inside Godʼs temple. Jesus wen do dat fo us, cuz he one head priest foeva, da same kine head priest jalike Melkizedek befo time.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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