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Fo Da Hebrew Peopo 5 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Now, weneva dey pick one guy from da Jewish peopo fo come be da head priest guy, dat guy get da job fo help da peopo do da kine stuffs da peopo gotta do fo God. Dis head priest guy, he give dea gifs to God, an he make sacrifices fo da bad kine stuff dey wen do. Dis kine guy goin make easy to da peopo dat mess up cuz dey donno wat dey suppose to do. Da head priest guy, same ting jalike da peopo, he not strong too. Dass why he make easy to dem. An dass why he gotta make sacrifice fo himself jalike fo da peopo, cuz he do da bad kine stuff jalike dem.

You know, dat head priest guy, he get plenny respeck. But nobody can make himself da head priest guy, cuz dass one spesho job. God gotta be da One fo pick da guy, jalike da first time, he wen pick Aaron.

Same ting fo Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. He neva make himself awesome fo come da Head Priest guy. But was God dat wen make um come awesome. God wen tell him,

“Today I wen tell
    Dat you my Boy!”

An get one nodda place inside da Bible dat God talk lidis:

“You goin stay one priest foeva,
    Da Melkizedek kine priest.”

Wen Jesus wen stay hea inside da world, he wen pray real hard, an he wen cry real loud, cuz he know dat God can take him outa dea so he no gotta mahke. An God wen listen to him, cuz Christ all da time show him respeck, an ony do wat God say. No matta Christ Godʼs Boy, wat he wen suffa wen teach him fo listen God. Christ wen come perfeck, an now he da One dat take all da peopo dat listen to him outa da bad kine stuff dey stay doing. An he help um stay perfeck lidat foeva. 10 Az why God wen make Jesus da Head Priest guy, jalike da Melkizedek kine priest.

Watch Out! No Go Da Wrong Way!

11 Get plenny mo stuffs we like say bout all dis, Christ an da Melkizedek guy. But az not easy fo tell um, cuz you guys no can undastan too good. 12 You know, time awready fo you guys come teachas. But you guys still yet need somebody fo teach you guys one mo time da easy kine stuffs bout wat God wen say. You guys jalike babies dat need milk, cuz you guys no can handle da solid stuff still yet. 13 Wat dat mean, “babies dat need milk”? Anybody dat donno wat God say bout doing da right tings, dey jalike one small baby. 14 An wat dat mean, “handle da solid stuff”? Dat kine stuff fo da grown up peopo. Dose peopo, dey jalike da guys dat stay work out all da time fo come mo strong. Dey stay doing da good kine stuff everytime an not da bad kine stuff. Dass how dey know how fo figga wass good an wass no good.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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