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Fo Da Hebrew Peopo 2 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

God Take Us Guys Outa Da Bad Kine Stuff

Us guys gotta tink plenny bout all da stuff we wen hear, so dat we no foget um. You know, all da stuff da angel messenja guys wen tell befo time was da trut, an was from God. If had peopo dat wen broke Godʼs Rules an neva listen, God wen do da right ting wen he punish um fo da Rules dey wen broke.

Was lidat befo time. But den, da Boss Jesus wen start fo tell peopo dis awesome ting -- how dey can get outa da bad kine stuff! Had peopo dat wen hear him, an dey wen show us guys proof dat da tings he wen say was fo real. But if us guys no like listen him, no way we goin get outa da bad kine stuff. An one nodda ting: God wen show dat da peopo dat wen hear him befo, stay telling da trut, cuz he wen do all kine awesome stuff wit power fo show who him. An God wen give peopo his Good an Spesho Spirit, so dat diffren peopo can do diffren kine tings. Az jalike how God wen like do um.

Jesus, He Da Leada Dat Take Us Outa Da Bad Kine Stuff

We talking bout da new world dass goin come. But God neva tell bout da angel guys, dat dey goin be in charge ova dea. But get one place inside da Bible wea David wen say dis:

“God, how come you tink plenny bout us peopo on top da earth?
    An how come you get aloha fo us peopo?
You wen make da angel guys
    Ony litto bit mo importan den us peopo.
You wen make us peopo awesome
    An you show us plenny respeck
    Jalike you put one crown on top our head.
[An you wen put us peopo
    in charge a everyting you wen make.]
You wen make us boss ova everyting.”

You know, wen da Bible say dat God wen make us peopo boss ova everyting, dat mean everyting! But right now, wen us guys look aroun, we can see dat us peopo still yet no stay boss ova everyting. But get one Guy dat “fo litto bit time, da angel guys was litto bit mo importan den him.” Dass Jesus! Cuz Jesus wen go suffa an mahke fo everybody, God “wen make him awesome, an show him plenny respeck, jalike God go put one crown on top his head.” Dass how God wen do plenny fo us, cuz Jesus wen go suffa an mahke fo everybody. 10 So, good dat God wen make Jesus suffa. Cuz dat make Jesus da bestes kine Leada fo take plenny peopo outa da bad kine stuff dey do, an fo make um come awesome cuz dey Godʼs kids now. An God da One dat wen do um, cuz everyting az fo him, an everyting stay cuz he wen make um.

11 Jesus make peopo good an spesho fo God. An him an dem, jalike dey all get da same Fadda. Dass why he no mo shame fo call dem “my bruddas an sistas.” 12 Dis wat Jesus wen tell God:

“I goin tell all my brudda an sista guys
    Bout wat kine God you.
An wen my bruddas an sistas all come togedda,
    I goin sing bout you.”

13 An again, one nodda place, he say dis:

“I goin trus God everytime.”

An one nodda place, he say dis again:

“Look! Dis me!
    An dese guys, dey Godʼs kids!
God wen give dem to me!”

14 Now, Godʼs kids get skin an blood cuz dey peopo. Dass why Jesus wen do da same ting fo be jalike dem, wit skin an blood too. He wen do dat so dat wen he mahke, he wen hemo all da power from da Devil, da one dat get power fo kill peopo. 15 An, Jesus wen make da peopo dat stay scared dat dey goin mahke all da time dey stay alive, so dey no stay jalike slaves no moa. Da Devil make um scared, so dey listen him, jalike dey slaves unda him. But now da Devil no can do dat no moa. 16 Fo shua Jesus neva come hea fo help da angel guys, but fo help da peopo dat come from da Abraham ohana ancesta guys. 17 Dass why Jesus gotta come jalike his brudda an sista guys, every kine way. An cuz he jalike dem, he goin come dea Head Priest fo take care all da kine stuff da Jewish head priest guy do fo God. He give da peopo chance, an he da kine guy dey can trus. Cuz az who him, he goin hemo da shame fo all da bad kine stuff da peopo wen do, an bring um back togedda wit God. 18 Jesus, he had presha fo do bad kine stuff, but he neva. Still yet, he wen suffa plenny cuz a dat. Dass why, now he can help da peopo, everytime dey get presha fo do bad kine stuff.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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