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Fo Da Galatia Peopo 6 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Eh, bruddas an sistas, if you see somebody doing bad kine stuff, you guys dat stay tight wit Godʼs Spirit, you go help bring um back. Make nice to dem, an do um wit good kine heart. Tink bout yoaself too, an watch out, so you no goin get presha fo do da same kine stuff. Help da odda guy wen you know dat dey need help. If you do dat, you goin do everyting Christʼs rules say. If one guy tink he hot stuff wen he not, dat guy, he ony bulai himself. Everybody gotta check demself out, fo wat dey do. Den dey can feel good cuz a wat dey do ony. No good dey check himself out wit wat da odda guy do. Cuz everybody gotta do fo demself.

But whoeva teach wat God say, da guy he teach suppose to kokua his teacha from da good stuffs da guy get.

No bulai yoaself. Nobody goin make fun a God. Jalike da farma get back da same kine crop he wen plant, everybody goin get back da same kine ting he wen do. Cuz whoeva stay doing da bad kine stuff dey like, dey goin wipe out from da bad kine stuff dey do. But whoeva stay doing wat Godʼs Spirit like, Godʼs Spirit goin give dem da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva. We gotta hang in dea, an no get worn out doing da good kine stuff. Cuz bumbye we goin get wat we work fo, if we no give up. 10 So den, everytime we get chance, we gotta do da good kine stuff fo everybody, an even mo fo da peopo who trus God, cuz dey jalike our ohana.

Da Last Ting Fo Tell Da Galatia Peopo

11 Look how big I write wit my own hand! 12 Dem buggas who like look good on da outside, dey try make you guys cut skin fo come Jews. Dey ony make lidat cuz dey no like suffa fo Christ, who wen mahke on top da cross. 13 Dem buggas dat stick wit da cut skin mark, dey no even do wat da Rules say. But dey like you guys get cut skin, so dey can talk big bout you guys, dat dey wen cut skin fo you guys. 14 But me, I ony goin talk big bout how our Boss Jesus Christ wen mahke on top da cross. No way I eva goin talk big bout odda stuff. Cuz Christ wen mahke on top da cross, az why fo me, jalike all da bad kine tings inside da world stay mahke, an dey no mo power ova me. I no goin like do um, cuz jalike I stay mahke die dead fo dem tings. 15 No matta get da cut skin mark, o no get um. Main ting, God make da peopo new inside. 16 Everybody who stay tight wit dis new kine way, I like God let dea heart rest inside, an give dem chance, cuz dey all Godʼs peopo, da real Israel peopo.

17 So now, no let nobody make trouble fo me, cuz I get scars on top my body jalike Jesus Christ get, cuz I his guy.

18 Bruddas an sistas, I like our Boss Jesus Christ do plenny good tings inside you guys. Dass it!

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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