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Fo Da Galatia Peopo 4 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Dis wat I mean. Da fadda like give his boy everyting da fadda get wen he mahke, but da boy no can get um right den an dea if he still yet one small kid. Jalike da slave guy no own his bossʼs stuffs, da kid still yet no own his faddaʼs stuffs, no matta he goin get um lata on. Da boy get peopo his fadda wen pick fo take care him an his stuffs. He gotta do wat dey tell um till da time come dat his fadda wen pick. Same ting wit us guys. Befo Jesus Christ wen come we jalike small kids. We gotta do wat da main spirits dat stay in charge a da world wen tell us. But wen da right time wen come, God wen send his Boy. One wahine wen born him, an he gotta do wat da Rules say. Befo time we gotta do everyting da Rules say fo get um right wit God. But God wen send his Boy Christ so he can mahke fo pay da price fo let us go, so we no gotta stick wit da Rules, an so he can make us jalike his hanai kids.

So den, cuz you guys his kids, God wen put his own Boyʼs Spirit inside our hearts, so now we can tell God, “Papa, you my Fadda!” Dass why you guys not jalike slaves no moa dat gotta do wat da Rules say. Now you guys Godʼs kids! An God goin give you guys everyting he goin give his kids.

Paul Tink Plenny Bout da Galatia Bruddas an Sistas

Befo time you guys neva know God. Dat time you guys gotta do everyting da odda spirits say, no matta dey not real kine gods. But now, you guys know God. Mo betta, God know you guys. So how come you guys go back an like stick wit da spirits dat stay junk an not strong? Dey like make you guys jalike dea slaves one mo time. 10 How come you guys try do everyting dey say you suppose to do fo da spesho religious days, an weeks, an months, an years? 11 I scared fo you guys, dat I wen work hard fo you guys fo notting. I ony wase time.

12 Eh, bruddas an sistas, I beg you guys fo come jalike me, an no stick wit da Rules fo try get um right wit God. I like you guys come jalike me, cuz I wen come jalike you guys. Dat time I was wit you guys, you guys neva do notting fo hurt me. 13 You guys wen know I was real sick. Dass why I wen get da chance fo tell you guys da Good Stuff From God da first time. 14 No matta my sick wen give you guys hard time, you guys neva hate me o throw me out. But you guys wen take me in jalike I one angel guy from God, o jalike I Jesus, Godʼs Spesho Guy. 15 Wat wen happen to you guys? Dat time you guys wen stay so good inside bout me, I like tell everybody dat you guys wen even like pull out yoa own eyes an give um to me, if can. 16 You guys tink I hate you, cuz I tell you guys da trut, o wat?

17 But dem buggas, dey go all out fo get you guys, cuz dey like cut you guys off from us, so dat you guys goin go all out fo dem. But dass not good. 18 Now, good if dey go all out everytime, if dey do good kine stuff, no matta I stay wit you guys o I no stay. 19 You guys jalike my kids. Jalike wen one wahine born one baby, I suffa fo you guys again, till you guys come jalike Christ inside yoa hearts. 20 I like come ova dea wit you guys now, an talk diffren kine. But right now I not shua bout you guys.

Da Story Bout Hagar an Sarah

21 Eh, you guys dat like stick wit da Rules fo get um right wit God, how come you guys no listen to wat da Rules say? 22 Da Bible tell dat Abraham had two boys, one boy from da slave wahine Hagar an da odda boy from his own wife Sarah dat not one slave. 23 Da boy from da slave wahine Hagar, he wen born cuz Abraham wen like get one boy. But da boy from da wife Sarah who not one slave, he wen born cuz God wen promise um.

24 Da two wahines jalike one picha. Dey show da two diffren kine deals dat God wen make wit his peopo. Hagar, da slave wahine, she wen born one slave boy. Now, Hagar, she jalike one picha fo show da deal God wen make wit Moses on top Mount Sinai, wen God wen give Moses da Rules ova dea befo time. 25 Da wahine Hagar, she jalike Mount Sinai, Arabia side, da Rules place. Dass jalike Jerusalem stay nowdays, cuz da Jerusalem peopo all jalike slaves. Jalike slaves gotta do wat somebody tell um, da Jerusalem peopo gotta do wat da Rules say. 26 But get anodda Jerusalem inside da sky, dat come from God fo da peopo dat not slaves. Dass jalike our mudda Sarah, who not one slave. 27 You know, da Bible say,

“Da wahine who no can born kids,
    She can stay good inside.
Da wahine who neva suffa from born kids,
    She can bus out an make big noise.
Cuz da wahine, her husban wen dump her,
    She get mo plenny kids
    den da wahine who still yet get husban.”

28 Eh, bruddas an sistas, you guys all Godʼs kids too, jalike Isaac, Sarahʼs boy, cuz God wen promise Abraham dat he goin get da boy Isaac an plenny mo kids too. 29 Dat time da boy who wen born cuz da fadda Abraham like, wen make any kine to da boy Isaac who wen born cuz Godʼs Spirit like. Same ting today. 30 Wat da Bible say? “Throw out da slave wahine an her boy, cuz her boy no goin get da good stuff da fadda like give his wifeʼs boy.” 31 So den, bruddas an sistas, we not da slave wahineʼs kids, we da kids from da wife dat not slave. We no gotta stick wit da Rules fo get um right wit God.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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