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Fo Da Galatia Peopo 3 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Do Wat Da Rules Say, O Trus God?

You guys from Galatia, yoa head all jam up! Befo time we wen tell you guys strait out da Good Stuff bout how odda guys wen kill Jesus Christ on top da cross an he wen mahke fo us. But now you guys no listen to da true stuff. Somebody wen put kahuna on top you guys, o wat? Ony one ting I like you guys tell me: How you guys wen get Godʼs Spirit? Cuz you guys wen do wat da Rules say? O cuz you guys wen trus da Good Stuff From God dat you guys wen hear? Fo shua, cuz you guys wen trus da Good Stuff From God! You guys not tinking, o wat? You guys wen trus Godʼs Spirit in da beginning. But now in da end you guys goin try fo do everyting wit yoa own power? All da stuff dat wen happen to you guys -- fo notting? O good fo someting? God stay give you guys his Spirit, an he do awesome stuff fo you guys wit his power. You tink he do um cuz you guys do wat da Rules say, o cuz you guys trus da stuff you guys wen hear? Jalike Abraham. He wen trus God. Az why God wen say Abraham get um right wit him.

So den, you guys gotta undastan dis: Da peopo dat trus God, dey jalike Abrahamʼs kids. God wen show inside da Bible dat he goin make all da diffren peopos get um right wit him, cuz dey trus God. So God wen tell Abraham da Good Stuff From God way befo time. He say: “Cuz a you, I goin do plenny good stuffs fo all da diffren peopos all ova da world.” So den, God goin do plenny good stuffs fo da peopo who trus him, jalike he wen do fo Abraham, da guy who wen trus him.

10 Whoeva try do everyting da Rules say fo get um right wit God, dey get one kahuna on top dem. Cuz da Bible say, “Everybody who no stay do everyting dat Godʼs Rules say we gotta do, dey get one kahuna on top dem.” 11 Stay clear dat no mo nobody dat do everyting da Rules say. Dass why nobody get um right wit God da way God see um. Cuz God wen say inside da Bible, “Da guy dat get um right wit me cuz he trus me, he da one dat goin live fo real kine.” 12 You know, if you jus do wat da Rules say, dat no mean you trussing God. God wen say inside da Bible, “Whoeva do everyting da Rules say, dey goin live cuz dey stay do um.” But us guys, we no mo da power fo do everyting da Rules say.

13 Christ, he wen pay da price fo cut us guys loose, so we no gotta do everyting da Rules say fo get um right wit God. Dass why now, we no goin get kahuna on top us. Christ wen get our kahuna on top him, cuz da Bible wen say, “Everybody dat dey kill an hang on top one post, dey get kahuna on top dem.” 14 Christ wen mahke fo pay da price fo us guys, so dat all da diffren peopos all ova da world can get da good stuff God wen promise Abraham, an so us guys who stay tight wit Jesus can get Godʼs Spirit, jalike God wen promise.

Da Rules an Wat God Wen Promise

15 Eh, bruddas, I goin talk bout someting dat everybody can undastan. If one guy make one will an sign um in front odda peopo, den nobody can change um o make um no good. 16 So, God wen promise da good stuffs to Abraham an his boy. He neva say, “an fo yoa boys,” cuz dass plenny peopo. He ony say, “an fo yoa boy,” cuz dass ony one guy, Christ. 17 Dis wat I mean. God wen make da deal wit Abraham long time befo, bout Christ. Den, four hundred an thirty years afta dat, God wen give Moses da Rules. But da Rules no mo power fo make Godʼs promise no good. 18 If Godʼs kids can get dea share cuz dey work fo um wen dey do wat Godʼs Rules say, den no need God fo promise um dea share jalike one gif. Cuz nobody work fo one gif. But God wen give um to Abraham jalike one gif, jalike he wen promise.

19 How come get da Rules, den? God wen give um cuz everybody do bad kine stuff. Wen Godʼs Boy wen come, da One da promise talk bout, den fo get um right wit God, no need da Rules no moa. Angel messenja guys wen give Moses da Rules, an den Moses wen give um to da peopo. So Moses wen stay in da middle, fo talk to both God an da peopo. 20 Need one guy in da middle fo talk to both guys, but no need um if get ony one guy. God stay ony one God, an he wen fix up everyting by himself.

Da Rules Teach Us Bout da Bad Kine Stuff

21 You tink Godʼs Rules stay working agains Godʼs promises? No way! If had rules dat get da power fo make peopo live foeva, den God wen make peopo get um right wit him wit dem rules. But neva had dat kine rules. 22 Da Bible wen say dat everybody stay do da bad kine stuff, an dey no can pau do um. An dass how come da Bible wen say dat, fo show dat peopo gotta go trus Jesus Christ, fo get da kine life God wen promise.

23 But befo da time fo trus Christ wen come, we gotta do wat da Rules say, no matta we no mo power fo do um. Dass how wen stay till da time wen come fo God show us how fo trus him. 24 Da Rules jalike one babysitter fo bring us to Christ, so dat we can trus him an get um right wit God. 25 But now we can trus Christ, so no need one babysitter.

26 All you guys Godʼs kids, cuz you wen trus Jesus, Godʼs Spesho Guy. 27 All you guys who wen get baptize fo stay tight wit Christ an be his guys, now you goin come like him. 28 Now, no matta Jew o not Jew, slave o not slave, guy o wahine, you guys all da same cuz you stay tight wit Christ. 29 You guys Christʼs guys, so den you guys Abrahamʼs kids. An you guys goin get yoa share, jalike God wen promise all his kids.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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