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Fo Da Efesus Peopo 3 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Paul Go To Da Diffren Peopos

Dass why I praying to God. Dis me, Paul. I da prisona guy, cuz I Jesus Christʼs guy. An I stay in jail fo help you guys dat not Jews. Fo shua you guys wen hear bout da good ting God wen do fo me. How God wen give me dis job, dat goin help you guys. God wen show me da secret stuff dat nobody wen figga out befo time, jalike I wen write um litto bit awready. Bout dis stuff, wen you guys read um, den you guys goin figga out how come I undastan da plan dat was secret befo time, bout da ting dat Christ wen go do. All da peopos dat wen live befo time, God neva let dem know da secret plan. But now, Godʼs Good an Spesho Spirit wen show da secret plan to his spesho guys dat talk fo God, an to da guys dat God wen send all ova da place fo tell da peopo bout Christ. Dis da secret stuff: Da Good Stuff From God tell dat da peopo dat not Jews can come Godʼs kids too, jalike da Jewish peopo. Da peopo dat not Jews an da Jewish peopo, goin be jalike ony one peopo, an dey all goin get all da good kine stuffs God wen promise his peopo. All dat stuff goin happen cuz dey stay tight wit Christ. An me, God wen make me one worka guy fo him. God wen go give me dis job, jalike one spesho gif, fo tell da Good Kine Stuff From Him. An he give me da job cuz he get da power fo do wateva he like do inside me.

No matta all da peopo dat stay spesho fo God, stay mo importan den me, still yet God wen like give me dis job: fo tell all da diffren kine peopos dat not Jews all da unreal an awesome kine stuffs bout Christ, mo plenny den anybody can figga. Dis job, jalike one spesho gif God wen go give me. An, God let me help everybody undastan da plan dat was secret befo time. From da time God wen make everyting, he neva let nobody know da secret plan till now. 10 But now, God like use his church peopo fo show all da kine leada guys an da guys wit power dat stay inside da sky, dat God know wat fo do bout everyting fo real kine.

11 God, he wen make da plan from befo time fo do all dat stuff. An Jesus Christ, our Boss, he da One dat wen do um. 12 An us guys dat stay tight wit Christ, we know fo shua we no need shame, an we can go talk to God any time we like. We trus um, az why. 13 So, I stay telling you guys, no bum out jus cuz I stay suffa plenny fo you guys. I do dis so peopo goin know how awesome you guys stay, you know.

Christ Get Love an Aloha fo Us Guys

14 All dat stuff I stay telling you guys, az why I go down on my knees an pray to da Fadda. 15 An dis Fadda, he da Fadda fo real kine. All da diffren ohanas all ova da world an inside da sky, dey get dea faddas, an dey call um “faddas” cuz dey make litto bit jalike da real Fadda. 16 You know, God, he stay plenny awesome! He get everyting we need! Az why I like him fo send his Spirit fo give you guys da power fo come mo strong inside. 17 Den Christ goin live inside you guys, cuz you guys trus um. I aks God dat you guys goin everytime get love an aloha fo God an everybody. An dat kine love goin make you guys strong jalike da root fo one big tree, an jalike da foundation fo one house. 18 Den you guys togedda wit all da peopo dat stay spesho fo God, goin get power fo undastan inside yoa hearts how plenny love an aloha Christ get fo everybody everytime. Dis love an aloha, no goin pau eva! Az jalike da love an aloha, stay real deep. 19 Yeah, an I like you guys get power fo know an feel how plenny love an aloha Christ get fo you guys, no matta no mo nobody can undastan um all da way. An den you guys goin be jalike God. Az wat he like you guys fo be, jalike him.

20 God, he get plenny power! Wateva we like aks him fo do, o wateva we tink he can do, he can do plenny mo den dat! Dass da kine power he get fo change us guys inside. 21 So, all da church peopo goin show how awesome God stay, dass all da church peopo dat stay alive now, an all da church peopo dat goin come afta. An Christ, he stay show how awesome God stay, fo eva an eva. Dass it!

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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