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Fo Da Efesus Peopo 2 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Now Jalike You Guys Wen Come Back Alive

An wit you guys, same ting you know. Befo time, you guys was cut off from God, jalike you stay mahke inside, cuz everytime you guys go agains da Rules God wen make, an same time you guys stay doing all da bad kine stuff. Wen was dat time, you guys wen go make jalike all da odda peopo all ova da world. You guys wen like listen to da Bad Guy, I talking bout da guy dass da leada fo all da bad kine spirits up inside da sky. An you guys wen like go do wat he wen tell you guys fo do. Az da same spirit dat go make peopo go tink fo go agains wat God say. An you know wat? All us guys dat time was acking same ting, jalike da peopo dat go agains God. Everyting our body wen like do, we wen go do um. Wateva we wen feel, an wateva we wen tink, we jus go do um. Inside we was jalike da odda peopo. But God neva take da kine tings we was doing.

Plus, but you know wat? God give us everytime choken chance! He get choke love an aloha fo us guys! No matta us guys was cut off from God, jalike we stay mahke inside awready, cuz we wen go agains da Rules God wen make, God wen go make his Spesho Guy Christ come back alive. Dass jalike same time he wen go make us guys come back alive too. He wen like do plenny fo all you guys. Dass why he hemo you guys from da bad kine stuff you guys stay doing. God wen make us guys jalike we wen come alive togedda wit Christ. God wen give us our own place, an he goin make us guys come kings bumbye wit Jesus up dea inside da sky, cuz we stay tight wit his Spesho Guy Jesus Christ. God wen do all dat fo show proof, even afta dis world pau, dat he wen go all out fo do plenny good stuff fo kokua us, cuz a wat Jesus Christ wen do.

God like do plenny fo you guys, cuz dass how he stay. He like hemo you guys from da bad kine stuff you guys stay in, if you guys trus God strait out. No mo notting you guys can do by yoaself. God make lidis fo you guys. Dass jalike one spesho present God get fo you guys. Da tings you do by yoaself, eh, no talk big, cuz no worth notting. 10 God da One wen make us guys how we stay now. He wen make us stay tight wit Jesus Christ, so now us guys can do good kine stuff. Even befo he wen make us, he wen make ready all da plans fo us guys fo do all dose good tings.

We Stay Tight Wit Christ

11 So den, you guys dat no mo Jewish blood, rememba how you was befo time. Wen you guys wen born, you guys neva was Godʼs peopo. Da Jewish guys, dey get da cut skin mark dat peopo give um from small baby time, dat fo show dat dey Godʼs peopo, an dey da ones dat call you guys “da guys dat no mo da mark.” 12 Dat time Christ was notting to you guys. You guys no mo da right fo be one Israel citizen dat time. Wen God wen make one promise dat he goin make one deal fo his peopo bumbye, dat deal no was fo you guys. Same time you guys stay hea inside da world, but you guys neva know God. Az why you guys neva stay shua dat someting good goin happen to you guys bumbye. 13 Dat time you guys no stay close wit God. But now, you guys stay tight wit Jesus Christ. Jesus wen go bleed an mahke fo you guys, fo make you guys come tight wit him. Az why you guys stay close wit God.

14 Befo time, jalike us Jewish peopo an da odda peopo wen build one wall dat neva let us guys go close to each odda. But Christ, wen he wen go mahke on top da cross, dass jalike he wen bus down dat wall. Christ da guy wen go make everyting good fo all us guys, so da Jewish peopo an da odda peopo no need go agains each odda no moa. He wen go make dem jalike ony one peopo. 15 Wen Christ wen mahke, he wen wipe out da power from da Jewish Rules dat tell da peopo wat dey gotta do. Now, he make da Jewish peopo an da odda peopo come tight wit him togedda. Dey come jalike one new peopo, an dey make good wit each odda. 16 Christ wen like do dis: he like make da Jewish peopo an da odda peopo jalike dey one peopo, an bring um back da same side wit God. Wen Christ wen mahke on top da cross, he wen wipe out everyting dat wen make da peopo go agains each odda. 17 Christ wen go by you guys dat no stay close to God befo time, an by da peopo dat stay close to him. An he wen tell all you guys dis Good Kine Stuff From God. He say, “Now you guys can make good wit each odda!” 18 Cuz a wat Christ wen do, both you guys an us Jewish guys get da same Spirit. Dass why all us guys get da right fo go talk to our Fadda.

You Guys, One Spesho Temple Fo Da Boss

19 So! You guys dat not born Jewish, you guys wen stay outside, but now no stay lidat. Now you guys stay spesho fo God too, an you guys inside Godʼs ohana. 20 Jalike God wen build one house. Da guys he wen send all ova fo tell peopo da Good Stuff bout him, an da guys dat wen go talk fo him, dey jalike da foundation. An you guys, jalike he build you guys togedda on top um. An Jesus Christ, he jalike da corner block. 21 Da whole house line up real good cuz a Christ. An dat house coming one temple dat stay spesho fo da Good Boss. 22 Plus, you guys stay tight wit Christ, So jalike God wen build you guys togedda fo come one house wea Godʼs Spirit stay inside.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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