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Fo Da Colosse Peopo 4 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Eh, you boss guys, do wass right fo yoa workas, an make um all same same. No make mo betta to one guy den da odda. You know, you guys get one Boss too, who stay up dea in da sky.

How Dey Gotta Make

Eh, everytime pray. Wen you guys pray, tink plenny bout wat you telling God, an no go sleep. An everytime you pray, tank God fo everyting. Eh, pray fo us guys too. Aks God fo give us chance fo tell da peopo wat he say. Den we can tell um da stuff dat befo time was secret bout Christ. You know, I stay hea inside da prison cuz I telling peopo all dat kine stuff. Try pray fo me make um easy fo undastan, cuz I suppose to do um lidat.

Wen you guys stay aroun peopo dat no trus God still yet, try tink first, da way you guys ack aroun dem. Everytime you guys get chance, tell um bout Christ. Weneva you guys talk, no talk any kine -- talk wit aloha. An no talk jus bout da junk kine stuff. Dass jalike food dat no mo taste. Talk bout da kine good stuff. Dass jalike food dat stay ono, cuz get salt fo taste! Eh! Good fo know how fo talk to any kine guy.

Aloha To Da Bruddas An Sistas

Tykicus, he goin tell you guys everyting how I stay ova hea. He one good brudda, an I feel plenny love an aloha fo him. He everytime kokua me. Him an me work togedda fo da Boss. Dass why I stay send um by you guys, so you guys know how we stay, an he goin give you guys good kine words. Onesimus, he goin go wit Tykicus too. He one brudda, an you guys can trus um. All da bruddas hea get love an aloha fo him, an he one guy from Colosse, you know. Dem two guys goin tell you guys everyting dat stay happening ova hea.

10 Aristarkus, he like say “Aloha!” He stay hea inside da prison too. Mark, dass Barnabas cousin, I wen tell you guys bout him befo. If he come by you guys, take good care him. 11 Jesus Justus, he stay ova hea too. Dese guys, dey da ony Jewish guys dat work wit me ova hea fo help da peopo get God fo dea King. Cuz dey kokua me plenny, I feel real good inside.

12 Epafras, da odda guy from Colosse, he like say “Aloha!” too. He one worka fo Christ Jesus. He everytime pray hard fo you guys, so you guys can come mo solid inside an know fo shua wat God like you guys fo do. 13 Eh, I tell you guys da trut bout Epafras. He one hard worka fo you guys, an fo da guys inside Laodicea an Hierapolis. 14 Everybody get plenny love an aloha fo Luke, da docta guy. Him an Demas say “Aloha” too. 15 Tell da bruddas an sistas inside Laodicea “Aloha,” an tell Nymfa “Aloha” too, an all da church guys dat meet togedda her house.

16 Wen you guys pau read dis letta, give um to da church guys Laodicea side, so dey can read um, an you guys, read da letta I wen send dem.

17 Tell Arkippus dis: “All da work da Boss wen tell you fo do, you betta do um now.”

18 I signing dis wit my own hand, “Paul.” No foget, I stay inside one prison. I like God show you guys his good heart!

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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