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Fo Da Colosse Peopo 1 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)


Dis letta fo all da peopo dat stay spesho fo God, all da brudda an sista guys inside Colosse dat trus Christ an stay tight wit him.

Dis letta from me, Paul, an from brudda Timoty too. I one a da messenja guys Jesus Christ wen go send all ova fo tell everybody wat God say, cuz dass wat God like. I like God our Fadda do plenny fo you guys, an make yoa hearts rest inside.

Paul Tank God Fo Da Colosse Peopo

Everytime we pray fo you guys, we tank God. He da Fadda fo our Boss Jesus Christ. We pray lidat cuz wen hear dat you guys trus Jesus Christ, an dat you guys get plenny aloha fo all da peopo dat stay spesho fo God. You guys stay lidat, cuz you guys know God get someting good fo you guys up dea wit him in da sky. Dass why you guys trus God, cuz you guys wen hear da Good An True Stuff From Him. Dass da Good Kine Stuff From God dat you guys wen hear awready. All ova da world get mo an mo plenny peopo dat go stay trus dis Good Stuff, an dat make um do good tings fo each odda, jalike da first time wen you guys wen hear um an undastan um, same ting. Dass wen you wen find out da trut fo shua, how God like do plenny fo you guys. You wen learn um from Epafras. He one worka fo God jalike me an Timoty, an we get plenny aloha fo Epafras. Christ wen give him da job fo help you guys, an you guys no need worry notting. He stay do good job. He da guy wen tell us bout da aloha dat Godʼs Spirit wen put inside yoa hearts.

Dass why we still yet stay praying fo you guys, from da first time Epafras wen tell us how you guys stay. We aks God fo give you guys all da tings you guys need fo find out wat he like you guys fo do. Den you guys can get good tinking fo do da right ting, an Godʼs Spirit goin help you guys undastan da whole ting. 10 Den, make shua you guys ack jalike you guys da Bossʼs kids. Dat goin make da Boss feel good. Den everytime you guys do someting, you guys can do good tings, an know God mo betta, 11 an get mo strong inside from Godʼs awesome kine power, dat goin make you guys handle any kine, an hang in dea long time.

Den you guys can tank da Fadda, an feel real good inside. He wen make us his kids, so we can get da good stuff he goin give all his kids, da peopo dat stay spesho fo God. He wen take us outa da dark, so we no gotta do da bad kine stuff no moa, an wen take us wea Jesus stay inside da light, an make him our King. Jesus Godʼs Boy, an his Fadda get love an aloha fo him. 14 Jesus da One wen go cut us guys loose, so we no gotta do any kine bad tings no moa. He wen hemo da shame we get fo da bad kine stuff we wen do.

Who Da Spesho Guy God Wen Send? Wat He Do?

15 Jesus stay jalike God,
    Jalike one picha fo show how God stay, no matta no can see God.
Jesus da numba one Guy in charge a everyting God wen make.
16     Jesus was in charge wen God wen make everyting --
    Inside da sky an inside da world,
Da tings we can see an da tings we no can,
    Da kings, da bosses,
Da leadas, da peopo wit power.
    Everyting God wen like make,
He wen make um fo Jesus,
    An Jesus wen do da work.
17 Jesus, he stay dea first, befo everyting,
    An everyting stay togedda cuz a him.
18 He stay da Boss fo da church peopo,
    Jalike da head stay da boss fo da body.

He da One who wen go start everyting. He da first an da main One dat wen come back afta he wen mahke. Dass why he da numba one Guy fo everyting.

19 God stay good inside, cuz everyting he get inside himself, stay inside Jesus too. 20 Cuz Jesus wen bleed an mahke on top da cross, all da beef an da hassles peopo get wit God stay all pau. Cuz Jesus wen bleed an mahke jalike he one sacrifice, God wen bring back everyting an everybody da same side wit himself -- everyting dat stay inside da world an inside da sky.

21 An you guys, befo time you guys wen had it wit God, an you guys neva like bodda wit him. 22 But now Christ stay make everyting go back da same side wit God, cuz Christ wen go mahke, his body, everyting. Dass how he can make you guys good an spesho fo God, an nobody can poin finga an blame you guys, da way he see you guys. 23 Ony one ting, you guys gotta hang in dea, an trus God solid kine. Den nobody can make you guys trus odda stuffs, an make you guys stop trussing da Good Stuff From God dat you guys wen hear, dat you guys stay waiting fo come. Get guys dat stay tell everybody all ova da world da Good Stuff From God. Eh, me too, Paul, I stay helping tell dat Good Stuff From God.

How Paul Work Fo Help Godʼs Peopo

24 Christ wen suffa plenny, an right now I stay suffa plenny too. But no matta I stay suffa, my heart stay plenny good inside. If still yet get peopo who gotta suffa, I like be da one fo suffa plenny fo dem, jalike Christ wen suffa, cuz dey stay inside Christ ohana, you know, da church. 25 I one worka guy fo da church guys, cuz dass my kuleana dat God wen give me, fo teach you guys everyting God say. 26 From da first time dat had peopo on top dis earth, weneva dey hear wat God say, dey no undastan um, jalike get stuff dat stay secret. But now he let da peopo dat stay spesho fo him see um an undastan um. 27 God wen like make his peopo know all da stuff dat was secret befo time. Dat secret stay plenny awesome fo all da diffren peopos all ova da world. Dis da awesome secret: Christ stay tight wit you guys, an dass how you guys goin stay shua dat he goin do all dis awesome stuff fo you guys, dass mo betta den good, an dass wat we stay waiting fo.

28 We stay telling everybody bout Jesus. We tell dem how dey gotta make. We use everyting we know fo teach dem, so dey can come mo strong inside cuz dey stay tight wit Christ all da way. 29 Dis why I like work hard fo you guys. Cuz God stay work inside me, I can do um, an he get all da power.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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