King’s Decree on Behalf of Ezra

11 Now this is the copy of the letter which King Artaxerxes gave to Ezra the priest, the scribe, [a]learned in the words of the commandments of the Lord and His statutes to Israel: 12 [b]Artaxerxes, (A)king of kings, to Ezra the priest, the scribe of the Law of the God of heaven, [c]perfect peace. And now 13 (B)I have issued a decree that any of the people of Israel and their priests and the Levites in my kingdom who are willing to go to Jerusalem, may go with you. 14 Since you are sent [d]on the part of the king and his (C)seven advisers to inquire about Judah and Jerusalem according to the Law of your God which is in your hand,

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  1. Ezra 7:11 Or the scribe of
  2. Ezra 7:12 Ch 7:12-26 is in Aram
  3. Ezra 7:12 Or perhaps it is determined
  4. Ezra 7:14 Lit from before

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