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Ezekiel 29:1-9 Common English Bible (CEB)

Against Egypt

29 In the tenth year, on the twelfth day of the tenth month, the Lord’s word came to me: Human one, face Pharaoh, Egypt’s king, and prophesy against him and against all of Egypt. Speak and say, The Lord God proclaims:

I’m against you, Pharaoh, Egypt’s king,
    great crocodile lurking
    in the Nile’s canals,
        who says, “The Nile is all mine;
        I made it for myself!”
I will set hooks in your jaws;
    I will make the fish from the Nile’s canals cling to your scales.
I will drag you out of the Nile’s canals,
    and also all the fish from the Nile’s canals
    clinging to your scales.
        I will fling you out into the desert,
        and also all the fish from the Nile’s canals.
You will fall on the open ground,
    and won’t be gathered or retrieved.

I’ve given you to the beasts of the earth
        and the birds in the sky for food.
Everyone living in Egypt will know that I am the Lord.

Because they were a flimsy crutch for the house of Israel— when they took you in hand, you would splinter and make their shoulders sore; when they leaned on you, you would break, bringing them to their knees— now the Lord God proclaims: I’m bringing a sword against you, and I will cut off from you human and beast. The land of Egypt will be turned into a wasteland and ruins. Then they will know that I am the Lord.

Because you[a] said, “The Nile is mine; I made it,”


  1. Ezekiel 29:9 Or he
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