‘When she saw, as she waited,
That her hope was lost,
She took [a]another of her cubs
And made him a young lion.
‘And he (A)walked about among the lions;
He became a young lion,
He learned to tear his prey;
He devoured men.
‘He [b]destroyed their [c]fortified towers
And laid waste their cities;
And the land and its fullness were appalled
Because of the sound of his roaring.

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  1. Ezekiel 19:5 Lit one
  2. Ezekiel 19:7 So Targum; M.T. knew
  3. Ezekiel 19:7 Or widows

The remnant of Jacob
Will be among the nations,
Among many peoples
(A)Like a lion among the beasts of the forest,
Like a young lion among flocks of sheep,
Which, if he passes through,
(B)Tramples down and (C)tears,
And there is (D)none to rescue.

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