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16 Then he brought me into the inner courtyard of the ·Temple [L house of the Lord]. There I saw about twenty-five men at the entrance to the ·Temple [L house] of the Lord, between the ·porch [portico] and the altar. With their backs turned to the Temple of the Lord, they faced east and were worshiping the sun in the east.

17 He said to me, “Do you see, ·human [T son of man; 2:1]? Is it ·unimportant [a trivial thing] that the ·people [L house] of Judah are doing the ·hateful [detestable; abominable] things they have done here? They have filled the land with violence and ·made me continually angry [provoked me to still greater anger]. ·Look [T Behold], they are ·insulting me every way they can [L putting the branch to their nose; C perhaps part of the worship of the sun god]. 18 So I will act ·in anger [with wrath]. I will have no pity, nor will I ·show mercy [spare them]. Even if they shout in my ears, I won’t listen to them.”

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