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11 And seventy men from the elders of the house of Israel, and Jaazaniah, the son of Shaphan, was standing in the midst of them, and they were standing before them.[a] Each one had his censer in his hand, and the fragrance of the cloud of the incense was going up. 12 And he said to me, “Have you seen, son of man,[b] what the elders of the house of Israel are doing in the dark, each in the inner rooms of his idol, for they are saying, ‘Yahweh is not seeing us; Yahweh has abandoned the land.’” 13 And he said to me, “Still you will see again[c] greater detestable things that they are doing.”

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  1. Ezekiel 8:11 Literally “to the face of them”
  2. Ezekiel 8:12 Or “mortal,” or “son of humankind”
  3. Ezekiel 8:13 Literally “you will return, you will see”