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Ezekiel 47:6-8 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

And he said to me, Certainly, son of man, thou hast seen (this). And he led me, and he turned me (again) to the river of the strand. (And he said to me, Son of man, mark thou this well/remember that thou hast seen this. And then he led me back to the river bank.)

And when I had turned me (again), lo! in the river of the strand (were) full many trees on ever either side. (And when I had returned there, lo! on the river bank were a great many trees on either side.)

And he said to me, These waters that go out to the heaps of sand of the east, and go down into [the] plain places of desert, shall enter into the sea, and shall go out; and the waters shall be healed. (And he said to me, This water that goeth out to the heaps of sand in the east, and goeth down to the plains of the desert, or down to the Arabah, shall enter into the Dead Sea, and then shall go out again; and the waters of the Dead Sea shall be healed.)


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