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They’re stubborn[a] and strong willed. I’m sending you to them to tell them what the Lord says. Whether this rebellious group[b] listens to you or not, at least[c] they’ll realize that a prophet had appeared in their midst!

“Now as for you, Son of Man, never be afraid of them or of anything they have to say, because being with them will be like settling down to live among briers, thorn bushes, and scorpions! Don’t be afraid of anything they have to say, and don’t be awed by their appearance, since they are a rebellious group.[d]

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  1. Ezekiel 2:4 Lit. They’re children of hard faces
  2. Ezekiel 2:5 Lit. house
  3. Ezekiel 2:5 The Heb. lacks at least
  4. Ezekiel 2:6 Lit. house

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