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13 But thus says the Lord God:
    At the end of forty years
I will gather the Egyptians
    from among the peoples
    where they are scattered;
14 I will restore Egypt’s fortunes,
    bringing them back to the land of Pathros,[a]
    the land of their origin.
But there it will be a lowly kingdom,
15     lower than any other kingdom,
    no longer able to set itself above the nations.
I will make them few in number,
    so they cannot rule other nations.

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  1. 29:14 Pathros: an Egyptian word for upper, i.e., southern, Egypt, above Memphis/Thebes. As silt filled the Delta region and richer land became available there, the population spread north, creating the tradition of a migration from the south (Is 11:11; Jer 44:1, 15).