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30 and they will lament[a] over you with their voice,
    and they will cry out[b] bitterly,
and they will throw[c] dust on their heads,
    and they will roll[d] in the dust.
31 They will shave themselves bald for your sake,[e]
    and they will dress[f] themselves in sackcloth,
and they will weep[g] over you with a bitterness of soul[h]
    and with bitter wailing.
32 And they will raise[i] over you with their wailing a lament,
    and they will chant[j] a lament over you:
‘Who is like Tyre,
    like this destruction in the midst of the sea?’

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  1. Ezekiel 27:30 Hebrew “lamented”
  2. Ezekiel 27:30 Hebrew “cried out”
  3. Ezekiel 27:30 Hebrew “threw”
  4. Ezekiel 27:30 Hebrew “rolled”
  5. Ezekiel 27:31 Literally “And they made bald for you with baldness”
  6. Ezekiel 27:31 Hebrew “dressed”
  7. Ezekiel 27:31 Hebrew “wept”
  8. Ezekiel 27:31 Or “of their inner self”
  9. Ezekiel 27:32 Hebrew “raised”
  10. Ezekiel 27:32 Hebrew “chanted”