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Ezekiel 27:22-24 Expanded Bible (EXB)

22 “‘The merchants of Sheba [C the southwestern Arabian peninsula, present-day Yemen] and Raamah [C a city in southern Arabia] became merchants for you. They traded your goods for all the best spices, ·valuable gems [precious stones], and gold.

23 “‘People of Haran [C a city in present-day eastern Turkey], Canneh [C unknown location], Eden [C in Mesopotamia near Haran], and the traders of Sheba [v. 22], Asshur [C a city south of Nineveh], and Kilmad [C an unknown location] became merchants for you. 24 They were paid with the best clothes, blue cloth, ·cloth with designs sewed on [embroidered work], carpets of many colors, ·and tightly wound ropes [or rolled up and tied with cords; or made of tightly knotted cords].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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