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17 They will begin singing a ·funeral song [lament; dirge] about you and will say to you:

‘Famous city [C Tyre was a great maritime power], you have been destroyed!
    You have lost your sea power!
You and your ·people [inhabitants]
    had great power on the seas.
You made everyone around you
    afraid of you.
18 Now the ·people who live by the coast [coastlands will] tremble,
    ·now that [L on the day] you have fallen.
The ·islands [or coastlands] of the sea
    are ·afraid [terrified; dismayed] ·because you have been defeated [at your demise/passing].’

19 “This is what the Lord God says: I will make you ·an empty city [desolate; a ruin], like cities that ·have no people living in them [are uninhabited/deserted]. I will bring the ·deep ocean waters [L deep] over you, and the ·Mediterranean Sea [L great waters] will cover you.

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