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16 All the princes of the sea[a]
    will step down from their thrones,
Lay aside their robes,
    and strip off their embroidered garments.
Clothed in mourning,
    they will sit on the ground
And tremble, horror-struck
    and appalled at you.(A)
17 They will raise lament[b] over you
    and say to you:
How you have perished,
    gone from the seas,
    Renowned City!
Once she was mighty on the sea,
    she and her inhabitants,
Those who spread their terror
    to all who dwelt nearby.(B)
18 On this, the day of your fall,
    the islands quake!
The islands in the sea
    are terrified at your passing.

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  1. 26:16 The princes of the sea: the rulers of the islands and coastal cities leagued commercially with Tyre.
  2. 26:17 Lament: the princes sing a funeral dirge at the burial of the personified Tyre; cf. the similar lamentation over Egypt in 32:3–8.