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24 “But suppose ·good people [the righteous] ·stop doing good [turn from righteousness] and do wrong and do the same ·hateful [detestable; abominable] things the wicked do. Will they live? All their ·good [righteous] acts will ·be forgotten [L not be remembered], because they became unfaithful. They have sinned, so they will die because of their sins.

25 “But you say, ‘·What the Lord does [L The way of the Lord] isn’t ·fair [just].’ Listen, ·people [L house] of Israel. ·I am fair [L Is my way unjust?]. It is what you do that is not ·fair [just]! 26 When ·good people [the righteous] ·stop [turn from] doing good and do wrong, they will die because of it. They will die, because they did wrong.

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