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Ezekiel 18:11-13 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

11 and soothly not doing all these things, but eating in hills, and defouling the wife of his neighbour; (and truly not doing any of these good things, that his father did, but eateth on hills, and defileth his neighbour’s wife;)

12 making sorrowful a needy man and poor, ravishing ravens, not yielding a wed, raising his eyes to idols, doing abomination; (maketh sorrowful the needy and the poor, robbeth spoils, giveth not back a pledge, raiseth his eyes to idols, doeth abomination;)

13 giving to usury, and taking more; whether he shall live? he shall not live; when he hath done all these abominable things, he shall die by death, his blood shall be in him. (lendeth for usury, and taketh more than he should; shall he live? nay! he shall not live; for he hath done all these abominable things, he shall die, and his blood shall be upon him.)


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