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14 and thy name went out into heathen men for thy fairness (and thy name went out to the heathen because of thy beauty); for thou were perfect in my fairness which I had set [up]on thee, saith the Lord God.

15 And thou haddest trust in thy fairness, and didest fornication in thy name; and thou settedest forth thy fornication to each that passed forth, that thou shouldest be made his (and thou hast put forth, or hast proffered, thy willingness for fornication to anyone who passed by, so that thou wouldest be made his).

16 And thou tookest of my clothes, and madest to thee high things set about on each side (And thou tookest some of thy clothes, and adornest thy high places with them put about on each side); and thou didest fornication on those, as it was not done, neither shall be done.

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