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Therefore thus says the Lord God:
    Woe to the city full of blood!(A)
A pot containing filth,
    whose filth cannot be removed!
Take out its pieces one by one,
    for no lot has fallen on their behalf.
For her blood is still in her midst;
    on a bare rock she left it;
She did not pour it on the ground
    to be covered with dirt.[a]
To arouse wrath, to exact vengeance,
    I have left her blood on bare rock
    not to be covered.
Therefore, thus says the Lord God:
Woe to the city full of blood!
    I will make the pyre great!

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  1. 24:7 Blood…to be covered with dirt: since blood was sacred to God, it had to be covered with earth (Gn 37:26; Lv 17:13); the blood of innocent victims left uncovered cried out for vengeance; cf. Gn 4:10; Jb 16:18; Is 26:21.

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