“‘Later I passed by, and when I looked at you and saw that you were old enough for love, I spread the corner of my garment(A) over you and covered your naked body. I gave you my solemn oath and entered into a covenant(B) with you, declares the Sovereign Lord, and you became mine.(C)

“‘I bathed you with water and washed(D) the blood from you and put ointments on you. 10 I clothed you with an embroidered(E) dress and put sandals of fine leather on you. I dressed you in fine linen(F) and covered you with costly garments.(G) 11 I adorned you with jewelry:(H) I put bracelets(I) on your arms and a necklace(J) around your neck, 12 and I put a ring on your nose,(K) earrings(L) on your ears and a beautiful crown(M) on your head.(N)

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