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Exodus 27 Common English Bible (CEB)

Instructions for the altar

27 Make an acacia-wood altar. The altar should be square, seven and a half feet long and seven and a half feet wide. It should be four and a half feet high. Make horns for the altar and attach them to it, one horn on each of its four corners. Cover it with copper. Make pails for removing its ashes and its shovels, bowls, meat forks, and trays. Make all its equipment out of copper. Make for the altar a grate made of copper mesh. Make four copper rings for each of the four corners of the mesh. Slide the mesh underneath the bottom edge of the altar and then extend the mesh halfway up to the middle of the altar. Make acacia-wood poles for the altar and cover them with copper. Put the poles through the rings so that the poles will be on the two sides of the altar when it is carried. Make the altar with planks but hollow inside. All these should be made just as you were shown on the mountain.

Instructions for the dwelling’s courtyard

You should also set up the dwelling’s courtyard. The courtyard’s south side should have drapes of fine twisted linen stretching one hundred fifty feet on that side, 10 with twenty posts, twenty copper bases, and silver hooks and bands for the posts. 11 Likewise along the north side the drapes should stretch one hundred fifty feet, with twenty posts, twenty copper bases, and silver hooks and bands for the posts. 12 The courtyard’s width on the west side should consist of seventy-five feet of drapes with their ten posts and their ten bases. 13 The courtyard’s width on the front, facing east should be seventy-five feet. 14 There should be twenty-two and a half feet of drapes on one side with three posts and three bases for them. 15 There should be twenty-two and a half feet of drapes on the other side with three posts and three bases for them. 16 For the gate into the courtyard there will be a screen thirty feet long, made of blue, purple, and deep red yarns and of fine twisted linen, decorated with needlework. It will have four posts with their four bases. 17 All the posts around the courtyard will have silver bands, silver hooks, and copper bases. 18 The courtyard will be one hundred fifty feet long and seventy-five feet wide. Its walls’ height will be seven and a half feet of fine twisted linen and its copper bases. 19 All the dwelling’s equipment for any use and all its tent pegs and all the courtyard’s tent pegs will be made of copper.

Olive oil for the lampstand

20 You must require the Israelites to bring you pure oil of crushed olives for the light so that the lamp may be set up to burn continually. 21 In the meeting tent, outside the veil that hangs in front of the covenant document, Aaron and his sons will tend the lamp from evening to morning in the Lord’s presence. It will be a permanent regulation for the Israelites in every generation.

Common English Bible (CEB)

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