29 “Do not hold back offerings(A) from your granaries or your vats.[a]

“You must give me the firstborn of your sons.(B)

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  1. Exodus 22:29 The meaning of the Hebrew for this phrase is uncertain.

16 Three times a year all your men must appear(A) before the Lord your God at the place he will choose: at the Festival of Unleavened Bread,(B) the Festival of Weeks and the Festival of Tabernacles.(C) No one should appear before the Lord empty-handed:(D)

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“‘When the people of the land come before the Lord at the appointed festivals,(A) whoever enters by the north gate to worship is to go out the south gate; and whoever enters by the south gate is to go out the north gate. No one is to return through the gate by which they entered, but each is to go out the opposite gate.

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