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Exodus 39:28-30 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

28 and mitres with small crowns of bis, and linen clothes of bis; (and the turban, and the peaked caps, out of fine linen, and breeches out of finely woven linen;)

29 forsooth they made a girdle of bis folded again, of jacinth, purple, and vermilion, parted by (the) craft of embroidery, as the Lord commanded to Moses. (and they made sashes out of finely woven linen, and jacinth, and purple, and red silk twice-dyed, and embroidered them, as the Lord commanded to Moses.)

30 They made also a plate of holy worshipping, of purest gold, and they wrote therein by the craft of a graver in gems, The Holy of the Lord. (And they made the plate of holy dedication, or of consecration, out of pure gold, and they wrote on it by the craft of an engraver of gems, Holy to the Lord.)


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