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Exodus 28:16-18 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

16 It shall be four-cornered, and double; it shall have the measure of a palm of an hand, as well in the length, as in breadth. (It shall be square, and folded over double; its measurements, the length as well as the breadth, shall be the palm of a hand.)

17 And thou shalt set therein four orders of stones; in the first order shall be the stone sardius, topaz, and smaragdus; (And thou shalt fasten to it four rows of stones; in the first row shall be stones of sardius, topaz, and emerald;)

18 in the second order shall be carbuncle, sapphire, and jasper; (in the second row shall be carbuncle, sapphire, and jasper;)


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