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Exodus 26:32-34 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

32 which veil thou shalt hang before four pillars of the wood of shittim; and soothly those pillars shall be overgilt; and they shall have golden hooks[a], but the bases shall be silver. (which Veil thou shalt hang on four pillars made out of shittim wood; and those pillars shall be gilded with gold, and they shall have gold hooks, and silver bases.)

33 Forsooth the veil shall be set in by the rings, within which veil thou shalt set the ark of witnessing, whereby the saintuary, and the saintuary of saintuaries, shall be separated. (And the Veil shall be hung under the fasteners of the Tabernacle, and thou shalt put the Ark of the Witnessing behind the Veil; and the Veil shall separate the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place, or the Holy of Holies.)

34 And thou shalt set the propitiatory, that is, a golden table covering the ark of God, on the ark of [the] witnessing, into the holy of holy things; (And thou shalt set the propitiatory, that is, the gold lid, that covereth the Ark, onto the Ark of the Witnessing, in the Holy of Holies;)


  1. Exodus 26:32 In the original text, throughout the rest of Exodus, “hook/s” and “head/s” are used interchangeably. To avoid confusion, and to enhance comprehension, only “hook/s” will be used in this context.

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