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Exodus 25:17-19 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

17 And thou shalt make a propitiatory[a] of cleanest gold; that is, a table covering the ark [that is, a place of purchasing mercy]; the length thereof shall hold two cubits and an half, [and] the breadth shall hold one cubit and an half. (And thou shalt make the mercy seat, that is, a lid to cover the Ark, out of pure gold; its length shall be two and a half cubits, and its breadth shall be one and a half cubits.)

18 Also thou shalt make on ever either side of God’s answering place, two cherubims of gold, and beaten out with an hammer; (And thou shalt make for each end of the propitiatory, or the mercy seat, two gold cherubim, beaten out with a hammer;)

19 one cherub be on one side of God’s answering place, and the tother in the tother side; cover they ever either side of the propitiatory, (one cherub shall be at one end of the lid, and the other cherub shall be at the other end of the lid; and the cherubim shall be made so that they form one piece with the propitiatory,)


  1. Exodus 25:17 Also known as ‘God’s answering place’ and the ‘mercy seat’.

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