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Exodus 10:24-26 New English Translation (NET Bible)

24 Then Pharaoh summoned Moses and said, “Go, serve the Lord—only your flocks and herds will be detained. Even your families[a] may go with you.”

25 But Moses said, “Will you also[b] provide us[c] with sacrifices and burnt offerings that we may present them[d] to the Lord our God? 26 Our livestock must[e] also go with us! Not a hoof is to be left behind! For we must take[f] these animals[g] to serve the Lord our God. Until we arrive there, we do not know what we must use to serve the Lord.”[h]


  1. Exodus 10:24 tn Or “dependents.” The term is often translated “your little ones,” but as mentioned before (10:10), this expression in these passages takes in women and children and other dependents. Pharaoh will now let all the people go, but he intends to detain the cattle to secure their return.
  2. Exodus 10:25 tn B. Jacob (Exodus, 287) shows that the intent of Moses in using גַּם (gam) is to make an emphatic rhetorical question. He cites other samples of the usage in Num 22:33; 1 Sam 17:36; 2 Sam 12:14, and others. The point is that if Pharaoh told them to go and serve Yahweh, they had to have animals to sacrifice. If Pharaoh was holding the animals back, he would have to make some provision.
  3. Exodus 10:25 tn Heb “give into our hand.”
  4. Exodus 10:25 tn The form here is וְעָשִּׂינוּ (veʿasinu), the Qal perfect with a vav (ו) consecutive—“and we will do.” But the verb means “do” in the sacrificial sense—prepare them, offer them. The verb form is to be subordinated here to form a purpose or result clause.
  5. Exodus 10:26 tn This is the obligatory imperfect nuance. They were obliged to take the animals if they were going to sacrifice, but more than that, since they were not coming back, they had to take everything.
  6. Exodus 10:26 tn The same modal nuance applies to this verb.
  7. Exodus 10:26 tn Heb “from it,” referring collectively to the livestock.
  8. Exodus 10:26 sn Moses gives an angry but firm reply to Pharaoh’s attempt to control Israel; he makes it clear that he has no intention of leaving any pledge with Pharaoh. When they leave, they will take everything that belongs to them.
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