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19 and te to know ginōskō the ho love agapē of ho Christ Christos which surpasses hyperballō · ho knowledge gnōsis, that hina you may be filled plēroō up to eis all pas the ho fullness plērōma of ho God theos. 20 Now de to the ho one who is able dynamai to do poieō far more abundantly hyperekperissou beyond hyper all pas that hos we ask aiteō or ē imagine noeō, according kata to the ho power dynamis that ho is working energeō within en us hēmeis, 21 to him autos be · ho glory doxa in en the ho church ekklēsia and kai in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous throughout eis all pas · ho generations genea, · ho forever aiōn and · ho ever aiōn! Amen amēn.

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