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Ephesians 2:15-17 Expanded Bible (EXB)

15 He did this by ·ending [setting aside; nullifying] the law of commands and rules ·by giving his own body [L in his flesh; C this phrase may go with the previous sentence]. His purpose was to make the two groups of people become one new ·people [humanity; person; man] in him and in this way make peace. 16 It was also Christ’s purpose to ·end [L put to death; kill] the ·hatred [hostility; enmity] between the two groups, to make them into one body, and to ·bring them back [reconcile them] to God. ·Christ did all this with his death on the cross [L …through the cross]. 17 Christ came and ·preached [proclaimed the Good News of] peace [Is. 52:7] to you who were ·far away from God [L far away/off], and to those who were ·near to God [L near; Is. 57:19].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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