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20 which hos he accomplished energeō in en · ho Christ Christos when he raised egeirō him autos from ek the dead nekros and kai seated kathizō him at en his autos right dexios hand in en the ho heavenly epouranios realms , 21 infinitely superior hyperanō to every pas ruler archē, · kai authority exousia, · kai power dynamis, or kai dominion kyriotēs · kai every pas name onoma that can be named onomazō not ou only monon in en · ho this houtos age aiōn but alla also kai in en the ho age to come mellō. 22 And kai he placed hypotassō all pas things under hypo · ho Christ’ s autos feet pous and kai gave didōmi him autos as head kephalē over hyper all pas things to the ho church ekklēsia,

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