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Paul Paulos, an apostle apostolos of Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous by dia the will thelēma of God theos, to the ho saints hagios who ho are eimi in en Ephesus Ephesos, · kai the faithful pistos in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous: Grace charis to you hymeis and kai peace eirēnē from apo God theos our hēmeis Father patēr and kai from the Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos.

Blessed eulogētos be the ho God theos and kai Father patēr of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, who ho has blessed eulogeō us hēmeis with en every pas spiritual eulogia blessing pneumatikos in en the ho heavenly epouranios places in en Christ Christos, even as kathōs he chose eklegomai us hēmeis in en him autos before pro the creation katabolē of the world kosmos to be eimi holy hagios and kai blameless before katenōpion him autos. In en love agapē he predestined proorizō us hēmeis for eis adoption hyiothesia as eis his own autos sons through dia Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, according kata to the ho good eudokia pleasure of ho his autos will thelēma, to eis the praise epainos of his autos glorious doxa · ho grace charis with which hos he has highly favored charitoō us hēmeis in en the ho Beloved agapaō. In en him hos we have received echō · ho redemption apolytrōsis through dia · ho his autos blood haima, the ho forgiveness aphesis of our ho trespasses paraptōma, according kata to the ho rich ploutos benefits of ho his autos grace charis, which hos he lavished perisseuō on eis us hēmeis in en all pas wisdom sophia and kai insight phronēsis. He has made known gnōrizō to us hēmeis the ho mystery mystērion of ho his autos will thelēma, according kata to · ho his autos good eudokia pleasure , which hos he purposed protithēmi in en Christ autos, 10 as eis a plan oikonomia for the ho fullness plērōma of ho time kairos, to bring anakephalaioō · ho everything pas together in en · ho Christ Christos, things ho in epi · ho heaven ouranos and kai things ho on epi · ho earth . 11 In en Christ hos · kai we have obtained an inheritance klēroō, having been predestined proorizō according kata to the purpose prothesis of him ho who accomplishes energeō · ho all pas things according kata to the ho counsel boulē of ho his autos will thelēma, 12 so that eis we hēmeis, who ho have already set our hope proelpizō in en Christ Christos, might be eimi for eis the praise epainos of his autos glory doxa. · ho 13 You hymeis also kai are in en him hos, having heard akouō the ho word logos of ho truth alētheia, the ho good euangelion news of ho your hymeis salvation sōtēria; in en him hos also kai, when you believed pisteuō, you were marked sphragizō with the seal of the ho promised epangelia Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, · ho · ho 14 which hos is eimi the guarantee arrabōn of ho our hēmeis inheritance klēronomia vouching for eis God’s redemption apolytrōsis of ho his possession peripoiēsis, to eis the praise epainos of ho his autos glory doxa.

15 For dia this houtos reason , having heard akouō · ho about kata your hymeis faith pistis in en the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous and kai the ho love agapē · ho you extend to eis all pas the ho saints hagios, 16 I do not ou cease pauō giving thanks eucharisteō for hyper you hymeis, making poieō mention mneia of you in epi · ho my egō prayers proseuchē, 17 that hina the ho God theos of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, the ho Father patēr of ho glory doxa, may give didōmi you hymeis a spirit pneuma of wisdom sophia and kai revelation apokalypsis by en coming to know epignōsis more of him autos. 18 I pray that eis, with the ho eyes ophthalmos of ho your hymeis heart kardia enlightened phōtizō, you hymeis may comprehend oida the ho hope elpis to which ho he autos has called klēsis you, what tis are the ho rich ploutos benefits of ho his autos glorious doxa · ho inheritance klēronomia among en the ho saints hagios, 19 and kai what tis is the ho incomparable hyperballō greatness megethos of ho his autos power dynamis available for eis us hēmeis who ho believe pisteuō, according kata to the ho exercise energeia of ho his autos mighty kratos · ho strength ischus, 20 which hos he accomplished energeō in en · ho Christ Christos when he raised egeirō him autos from ek the dead nekros and kai seated kathizō him at en his autos right dexios hand in en the ho heavenly epouranios realms , 21 infinitely superior hyperanō to every pas ruler archē, · kai authority exousia, · kai power dynamis, or kai dominion kyriotēs · kai every pas name onoma that can be named onomazō not ou only monon in en · ho this houtos age aiōn but alla also kai in en the ho age to come mellō. 22 And kai he placed hypotassō all pas things under hypo · ho Christ’ s autos feet pous and kai gave didōmi him autos as head kephalē over hyper all pas things to the ho church ekklēsia, 23 which hostis is eimi · ho his autos body sōma, the ho fullness plērōma of the ho one who fills plēroō · ho all pas things in en every pas way .

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