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Enjoy life with your dearly loved spouse all the days of your pointless life that God[a] gives you under the sun—all the days of your pointless life![b]—because that’s your part to play[c] in this life and in your hard work under the sun. 10 Whatever you are capable of doing, do with all your might because there’s no work, thought, knowledge, or wisdom in the grave,[d] which is where you are headed.

Listen to common wisdom, not fools

11 I also observed under the sun that the race doesn’t always go to the swift, nor the battle to the mighty, nor food to the wise, nor wealth to the intelligent, nor favor to the knowledgeable, because accidents can happen to anyone.

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  1. Ecclesiastes 9:9 Or he or that are given you
  2. Ecclesiastes 9:9 This phrase is missing in some LXX sources, Syr, and Tg.
  3. Ecclesiastes 9:9 Or portion
  4. Ecclesiastes 9:10 Or underworld; Heb Sheol