15 Then I said [a]to myself, “(A)As is the fate of the fool, it will also befall me. (B)Why then have I been extremely wise?” So [b]I said to myself, “This too is vanity.” 16 For there is (C)no [c]lasting remembrance of the wise man as with the fool, inasmuch as in the coming days all will be forgotten. And (D)how the wise man and the fool alike die! 17 So I (E)hated life, for the work which had been done under the sun was [d]grievous to me; because everything is futility and striving after wind.

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  1. Ecclesiastes 2:15 Lit in my heart
  2. Ecclesiastes 2:15 Lit I spoke in my heart
  3. Ecclesiastes 2:16 Lit forever
  4. Ecclesiastes 2:17 Lit evil

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