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15 So I said to myself,[a]If I also suffer the same fate as the fool,[b] what advantage is my great wisdom?”[c] So I said to myself,[d] “This also is vanity!”

16 Certainly no one will remember the wise man or the fool in future generations.[e] When future days come, both will have been forgotten already. How is it that the wise man dies the same as the fool? 17 So I hated life because the work done under the sun is grievous to me. For everything is vanity and chasing wind!

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  1. Ecclesiastes 2:15 Literally “in my heart”
  2. Ecclesiastes 2:15 Literally “Just as the fate of the fool—so it will happen to me!”
  3. Ecclesiastes 2:15 Literally “why have I been so exceedingly wise?”
  4. Ecclesiastes 2:15 Literally “in my heart”
  5. Ecclesiastes 2:16 Literally “the futures”

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