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10 Dead flies can make even ·perfume [L a perfumer’s oil] stink.
    In the same way, a little foolishness ·can spoil [L outweighs] wisdom and ·honor [glory].
The heart of the wise ·leads [goes] to ·right [L the right],
    but the heart of a fool ·leads [goes] to ·wrong [L the left].
Even in the way fools walk along the road,
    they ·show they are not wise [lack sense];
    they show everyone how ·stupid [foolish] they are [Prov. 12:23; 13:16].
Don’t leave your job
    just because your ·boss [ruler; leader] is angry with you.
·Remaining calm [Gentleness] ·solves [appeases] great ·problems [offenses].

There is something else ·wrong [evil] that happens ·here on earth [L under the sun; 1:3].
    It is the kind of ·mistake [error] rulers make:
Fools are ·given [placed in] important positions
    while ·gifted [L wealthy] people ·are given [L sit in] lower ones;
I have seen servants ride horses
    while princes walk like servants on ·foot [L on the ground/earth].
Anyone who digs a pit might fall into it [Ps. 7:15; Prov. 26:27];
    anyone who ·knocks down [breeches] a wall might be bitten by a snake;
anyone who ·moves [quarries] boulders might be ·hurt [injured] by them;
    and anyone who ·cuts logs [splits trees] might be ·harmed [endangered] by them.
10 ·A dull ax means harder work [L If the ax is blunt and the edge is not sharp, then he must increase his efforts].
    ·Being wise will make it easier [L The advantage of wisdom is success].
11 If a snake bites the ·tamer [charmer] before it is ·tamed [charmed],
    what good is the ·tamer [charmer]?

12 The words of the wise bring them ·praise [or favor],
    but the words of a fool will ·destroy [L swallow] them.
13 A fool begins by saying foolish things
    and ends by saying crazy and wicked things.
14 A fool ·talks too much [L multiplies words].
    No one knows ·the future [L what will happen],
    and ·no one [who…?] can tell what will happen after ·death [L him].
15 ·Work [Toil] wears fools out;
    they don’t even know how to get ·home [L to the city].

The Value of Work

16 ·How terrible it is for a [L Woe to you, O] country whose king is ·a child [or immature]
    and whose leaders ·eat all [or feast in the] morning [Is. 5:11–12; 21:5].
17 ·How lucky a [L Blessed are you, O] country whose king ·comes from a good family [L is a noble],
    whose leaders eat ·only at mealtime [L at the appropriate time]
and for strength, not to get drunk.

18 If someone is lazy, the roof will begin to ·fall [sag].
If he ·doesn’t fix it [L lowers his hands], the house will leak [Prov. 6:6; 26:16].

19 A ·party [feast] makes you ·feel good [laugh],
    wine makes you feel ·happy [merry],
and money ·buys anything [L answers everything].

20 Don’t ·make fun of [or curse] the king even in your thoughts,
    and don’t ·make fun of [curse] rich people, even in your bedroom.
A little bird might carry your words;
    a ·bird might fly and [winged creature might] tell what you said.